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New York’s new LGBTQ + museum is slated to open in 2024 and will be the cornerstone of the community’s history and hope for the future.

The American LGBTQ + Museum in New York will open in 2024 and will be the first of its kind in the city. Discussions on the planned construction of the American LGBTQ + Museum in New York began in 2017. It aims to celebrate, educate and tell untold stories of the community. Additionally, visitors will learn about the history and culture of the community from the perspective of those who are part of it. While the building is awaiting construction, the museum is hosting events online through its website.

New York City is a place that welcomes everyone of all cultures and backgrounds. As such, the LGBTQ + community has found a home in the city.

How the museum was born

Representatives of the LGBTQ + community have long expressed the need for such a museum – a museum that shows their history and impact on the community. The LGBTQ + movement in New York is part of the city’s history and its influence continues to this day. The profound impact of the LGBTQ + community makes New York the best place to build such a museum.

With the help and advice of LGBTQ + leaders and representatives, thousands of members of the LGBTQ + community were interviewed and consulted, along with people from its five boroughs. This group included academics, activists, ordinary citizens and artists. In addition to giving first-hand accounts of their personal experiences, their perspectives shed light on how events of the past shaped him into what he is now.

  • Start of work in 2022
  • The potential location is the top floor of the New York Historical Society
  • Online events have already started via the website

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Why is this important

Over the years, New York has established museums on ancient history, pop culture, and other cultural landmarks. However, there has never been a museum reflecting the diverse sexualities and experiences of its inhabitants. The American LGBTQ + Museum is the platform that consolidates the place of the LGBTQ + community in history. It will tell the story of the community from the perspective of the people who are part of it. The museum will tell about their difficulties, their struggles and their growth. This is the place where we can share both the knowledge and the culture of the LGBTQ + community.

Give a home to the community

The New York Historical Society aims to tell the story and preserve the history of New York City and the people who live there, so it is an appropriate choice to have the LGBTQ + museum as part of it. In addition to preserving and sharing the history and culture of the LGBTQ + community, they will continue their research to educate people about its importance and contributions to New York City and to the LGBTQ + community as a whole.

The LGBTQ + community has seen its fair share of challenges and milestones. Historical events, including the Stonewall protests in 1969 and the HIV / AIDS crisis in the 1980s and 1990s, significantly affected the formation of New York City and the LGBTQ + community. Although recorded in the history books, many of the personal stories of LGBTQ + people go unrecorded. This is why this museum is so important. It is the place that will immortalize these stories. Otherwise, people will forget about them forever.

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What to expect

The museum has coordinated with various local, national and international LGBTQ + organizations to acquire items for inclusion in the museum. It will offer an immersive and exploratory experience to its visitors. Don’t expect to walk around and look at old photos and artifacts! Instead, expect to see plenty of color and activity that will engage the senses. Besides the gallery spaces, the museum will also have spaces where people can relax and have moments of reflection.

As the LGBTQ + community continues to grow and evolve, so will the events and exhibits held in the museum. In the meantime, while construction has yet to begin, the museum’s website has started hosting virtual events. In the future, the museum plans to organize physical and virtual events to include a wider audience. Visitors can expect exhibits to feature:

  • Memories
  • Masterpieces
  • Posters
  • Live Events

What would you like to know

Construction has a tentative launch date of 2022, and the museum plans to open in 2024. Currently, the US LGBTQ + Museum’s website is the primary source of information on upcoming virtual events. The New York Historical Society has provided places and spaces where the LGBTQ + museum can host programs and events until it opens in 2024. Those interested can subscribe to their mailing list to participate in virtual events.

The best is yet to come

Information on the history of the LGBTQ + community was difficult to find in the past. Through its development, however, this museum will be a fixed entity that will be the place where people can learn more and better understand an integral part of New York’s culture and history.

The American LGBTQ + Museum has received support and attention from community members although it is in the early stages of its development. The construction of this museum was long overdue, and now that the plans are underway, people can look forward to a unique and rewarding experience at the museum.

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