University of Wyoming Geological Museum Invites Elementary Students to Celebrate Earth Science Week


In honor of Earth Science Week, elementary-age children in Wyoming can receive a Water Science Box from the University of Wyoming (UW) Geological Museum. They are taking the place of the annual Wyoming ROCKS event for the second time this year.

“With the Delta variant, we really thought about having an internal event, and then we were like, you know, we didn’t want to be a super spreader. So we made these kits,” said Laura, director of the Geological Museum of the UW. Vietti.

Earth Sciences Week is an international program and its theme changes every year. This year is “Water today and for the future”.

“And so we take that as our inspiration, and then we tailor whatever our kit or outreach event is to loosely follow that theme,” Vietti said.

Each kit contains three educational activities on Wyoming geology and water.

“We targeted primary school, so from first to sixth grade. The younger ones, we definitely recommend adult supervision. And the older ones, I think they will get it pretty quickly,” a- she declared.

According to Vietti, the kits are reaching more children than in-person events, but are labor intensive, so they likely won’t continue after the pandemic.

“But I think if we do them in the future, they will only be one per year or maybe every two years, they will be there,” she said. “Particularly for this Wyoming ROCKS outreach event, I would prefer to go more towards an in-person event, but maybe supplemented with larger outreach kits, if we have the resources.”

The museum has partnered with the Wyoming State Geological Survey and the Science Kitchen for these kits. There are only 300 available. Those interested in obtaining a kit can reserve one on the Science Kitchen website. Pickup from Laramie is free, but boxes shipped anywhere else in the state will require a $ 5 shipping charge. Toolkits are also available for teachers to use in their classes. You can find more information about these on the Geological Survey website.


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