Two immersive exhibitions continue at the National Museum of Qatar

Doha: Two remarkable and captivating exhibitions that take you on a journey of self-discovery and provide insight into the country’s future automotive museum are still on view at the National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ).

Internationally acclaimed Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist’s “Your Brain to Me, My Brain to You” and A Sneak Peek at Qatar Auto Museum Project will run until December 20 and January 20, 2023 respectively. Both are free, but a reservation must be made on the NMoQ website only for the first exposure.

“Your Brain to Me, My Brain to You” is Rist’s first video installation in the Middle East in which visitors will embark on a journey of self-discovery through a multi-sensory experience that inspires introspection and awe. NMoQ has partnered with the Ministry of Public Health and Hamad Medical Corporation to organize the event which highlights the importance of mental health.

The exhibit has three parts – the first is Rist’s ‘pixel forest’ which included 12,000 LED lights strung on cables throughout the gallery. These represent neurons that are constantly firing and communicating with each other. The resin-covered pulsating bulbs are programmed in a choreography with a soundscape and abstract images of the landscape of Qatar.

This is then followed by a black canvas room where you can write or draw using a phosphorescent marker your thoughts and emotions. Next is the area of ​​the program where a video is looping about mental health. For group visits, there will be meditation and breathing exercises.

Artist Pipilotti said he used six pixel-synced songs. One was sung by her, some music by Palestinian oud musician Clarissa Bitar, and the others are in collaboration with her friends. “I want people to see themselves, to think when they walk in, they did it themselves or it reminds them of certain moods and they feel mirrored [through the LED lights]. All of this – it’s actually my brain, it’s me over there; that would be my main vision,” she said.

Once the installation of the museum is complete, it will be moved to Dadu, Qatar Children’s Museum as a permanent exhibit.

A Sneak Peek at Qatar Auto Museum Project talks about what the public can expect from the Qatar Auto Museum (QAM) which will take up 30,000 m² in the former Doha Exhibition Center building in Al Gassar.

Currently at NMoQ’s Mawater Gallery, it houses three iconic vintage cars from Qatar’s museum collection. QAM unites the country’s automotive community under one roof and one mission: to advance culture and inspire the next generation of innovators, designers, engineers, collectors and makers through a shared passion for cars.

The indoor exhibit features three iconic vintage cars: the 1936 Ferrari 250 GTO Berlinetta, considered the greatest Ferrari ever made and one of the most valuable collector cars; 1936 Pontiac Plexiglass Deluxe Six “Ghost Car”, which is the first transparent car built in America; and the 1949 Delahaye 175 S Roadster described as a moving sculpture and one of the most remarkable and grand post-war cars.

QAM Acting Director Dr Alkindi Aljawabra said: “What we are displaying here is the concept design which is the second stage of the project. This year we will finalize the design of the museum. QAM will bring science, technology and cars together in one place. »

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