The Sioux City Railroad Museum has a new locomotive

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — The Sioux City Railroad Museum showcases a new piece of local history.

Employees of the Sioux City Railroad Museum said their new locomotive was heading to Sioux City and they were happy to take it home.

The Electric Motive Company locomotive weighs 120 tons and is 15 feet high and 45 feet long. For years he traveled to and from Siouxland, delivering sand and gravel.

Matt Merk is the executive director of the Railroad Museum. He said the 1938 locomotive was responsible for pulling the first rock train for LG Everest from Dell Rapids to Sioux City.

“He has such a history with the railroad and LG Everest and it’s important that he stays local,” he said.

The museum has only one other diesel-electric locomotive and Merk said the newest addition will help workers tend to the museum’s other trains.

“We have a 45-tonne diesel locomotive and it basically does all of our work here moving cars for catering and public view,” Merk said.

A local towing company transported the train from Akron to the railroad museum. Danny Dierker helps drive the trains and does mechanical work at the museum. He said that now that the train has arrived, he and the other employees will take the time to understand as much as they can before sharing it with the public.

“There’s a lot more to this train,” Dierker said. “So it will take us a while to find out more before we can start talking about it with other people.”

The locomotive is expected to be on public display by next week.

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