The science museum holds exhibitions in Chattogram


The Director General of the National Museum of Science and Technology, Mohammad Munir Chowdhury, on Saturday inaugurates the Robotic Olympiad at the Chattogram International Presidency School. – Press release

The National Museum of Science and Technology hosted the Robot Olympiad, a mobile science exhibition and stargazing program in Chittagong on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

On Friday, two powerful telescopes were placed on the roof of the Chittagong Grammar School and an observatory bus was brought there. About 200 students and teachers observed the recent lunar eclipse and observed planets and stars in the sky.

The robotic Olympiad and a seminar took place on Saturday at the Presidential International School, a well-known institution in Chittagong. More than 300 students, competitors and young scientists from different educational institutions took part in this competition.

Kaushik Deb, professor at Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology, presented an article at the seminar. The director general of the science museum, Mohammad Munir Chowdhury, gave an inspiring speech to the students.

In the evening, a space observation camp was organized for 200 students from Chittagong Balika Sadan, located at Lalkhan Hill in Chittagong.

On Sunday, a 4D mobile science exhibition was held for students of the International Presidency School located on the Katalganj campus in the port city.

On the same day, the director general of the National Museum of Science and Technology spoke at a meeting at the Chittagong Government Women’s College on the crisis and the potential of science education.

He visited 4 science laboratories of this college and provided the advice necessary for its development, said a press release.


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