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San Bernardino County Museum Honored with Four National Awards

June 9, 2022 – The San Bernardino County Museum is the recipient of four National Association of Counties (NACo) Achievement Awards.

The museum is recognized in the Arts, Culture and Historic Preservation category for the “Co-Creating a Land Acknowledgment at the San Bernardino County Museum” initiative and the exhibitions “Here Comes the Sun: Solar Science and Spirituality”, “Inspired by Nature – Why Preservation Matters in Our Modern World”, and at the Victor Valley Museum, “Military in the Mojave: An Enduring Legacy of Service in the High Desert”.

The co-creation of a Land Recognition at the San Bernardino County Museum is an initiative, in conjunction with the San Manuel Mission Indian Band and the Morongo Mission Indian Band, to acknowledge the ancestral territory of the peoples to more effectively and authentically connect the public to the Museum’s mission and cultural spaces. The recognition is prominently displayed at the entrance to the museum, in Serrano, English and Spanish, and an audio recording in Serrano is available for listening.

The second prize is for Here Comes the Sun: Solar Science and Spirituality, a multidisciplinary temporary exhibition that showcases the science of the Sun and the immense influence the Sun has had on our local culture. Featured in the exhibit is a spectacular floor-to-ceiling projection with “Solarium” imagery provided by NASA’s Solar Dynamic Observatory. The success of the exhibition at the Redlands Museum continues with the reopening of the Victor Valley Museum in fall 2022.

The third prize is for Inspired by Nature – Why Preservation Matters in Our Modern World. In the museum’s Biodiversity Hall, the semi-permanent exhibit invites visitors to explore the variety behind what we observe in plants and animals and how humans have been inspired by the natural world to innovate and advance biodiversity. science.

The fourth prize is for Military in the Mojave: An Enduring Legacy of Service in the High Desert, the story of the vast impact the military had on High Desert communities and the vital role it played in the culture local for more than eight decades. .

Museum Director Melissa Russo shares, “For the fourth consecutive year, the San Bernardino County Museum has been honored by NACo with multiple awards for our programs and exhibits. Always focused on our public service mission, the Museum team is delighted that our work has earned this recognition and honored by the positive impact on the community that results from these efforts.

The annual National Association of Counties (NACo) Awards of Excellence program recognizes innovative programs by county governments across the country. San Bernardino County won 82 awards of excellence this year, including four best-in-class and recognized in 16 of 18 categories, surpassing an all-time high of 60 awards given in 2021. The achievement recognizes the county has received the most price among all other counties. at national scale.

“Our county staff are the best in the country and I am extremely proud of them as they work hard every day and think creatively about how we can better serve our residents,” the chairman of the board of supervisors said. , Curt Hagman. “The past few years have been extremely difficult to navigate due to the pandemic, but our people have remained strong and become even more nimble in finding creative solutions.”

“Our dedicated San Bernardino County employees and partners have demonstrated their commitment to innovation to serve our community,” said General Manager Leonard Hernandez. “Each program and initiative that has been recognized reflects the solutions that San Bernardino County government staff have provided to the toughest challenges.” The fact that much of this work was done in the midst of a pandemic, under adverse conditions, with a focus on improving the quality of life for all residents and visitors, makes it even more significant.

The San Bernardino County Museum’s exhibits of regional, cultural, and natural history and the museum’s other exciting events and programs reflect the Board of Supervisors’ efforts to realize the county’s vision by celebrating the arts, culture, and education in the county, creating a quality of life for residents and visitors.


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