The Richmond Art Museum exhibits works by artists from Indiana, Ohio

RICHMOND, Indiana – The Richmond Art Museum is hosting Indiana’s longest-running juryed art competition until January 8.

The 123rd Annual Indiana and Ohio Artists’ Exhibition features more than 200 artists from both states, according to a press release. Linda Crank, an artist from Cincinnati, Ohio, selected 156 works for the Advanced Division and 51 for the Amateur Division, making it one of the largest recent exhibitions.

Crank said she looks for “quality drawing, good design, composition, value, color and skill” in the pieces.

“Last Mile Road,” a fall or early winter scenery, by Jerry Smith of Crawfordsville, Indiana, won the Sarah and John Lechleiter Best of Show Award. “Garden Whites”, a floral pastel, by Mary Ann Davis of Indianapolis was chosen for the Lucretia T. Carr / Warren Chapman Memorial Merit Award.

The Amateur Division’s Best Show Award, the W. Ray Stevens Jr. Memorial Award of Merit, went to “Living a Life of Hope,” a painting by Kathy Bird. She was a repeat winner.

The other advanced division winners were:

  • Kevin James Wilson for “Je t’adore”, Award of Excellence from the Richmond Art Museum;
  • Mr. Jason Knapp for “Coyote Ridge,” Richmond Art Museum Award of Excellence;
  • Dan Woodson for “End of Days,” Richmond Art Museum Award of Excellence;
  • Joel A. Fremion for “Overpass, Dam, Whitewater River, Richmond, IN”, Brad and Mary Ann Barrett Merit Award;
  • Karen Graeser for “In Another World”. IPAPA Traditional Landscape Award;
  • Bob Meyers for “Do Not Disturb,” John Hansberry and Karry Book Merit Award;
  • Stephanie Spay for “Yellow Rocket”, Dr. Dana Reihman and Dr. Eileen Cravens Merit Award;
  • Gerald Traicoff for “Still Life with Blue Egg”, Robert and Carol Eberle Merit Award;
  • J. Anna Roberts for “Koi Splash,” Dr. Arthur Millis Memorial Merit Award;
  • Richard Lathrop for “Early Morning, Converse, IN”, Richmond Art Museum Award of Merit; and
  • Wyatt LeGrand for “Fetch”, Judy Thornburg Memorial Merit Award.

The other prizes in the amateur division were:

  • Dana Brucia Kepner for “Iridescent Splendor”, Richmond Art Museum Merit Award;
  • Randy Cashner for “East of Kmart”, Anna Belle Henthorne Memorial Merit Award;
  • Lindsay Griffin for “Untouched,” Walt and Rabun Bistline Merit Award for Photography;
  • Amal Tamari for “Still Life I”, Richmond Art Museum Award of Merit;
  • Brent Smith for “Pileated Pair”, Judy Wojcik and Kenton Hall Merit Award; and
  • Melanie Wissel for “Behind the Castle”, Psi Iota Xi Sorority, Alpha Iota Chapter Merit Award.

A unique aspect of RAM’s exhibition is the purchase of prizes awarded by individuals and local institutions who agree to purchase a work without seeing it in advance.

This year’s purchase prices were:

  • Diane Kiemeyer for “Spirit Warrior”, 3Rivers Credit Union;
  • Bruce Allan Neville for “Market Street Morning”, Tom and Sheryl Alberts;
  • Michael Prater for “Self-Portrait: Sad Today,” Curt A. Barker;
  • Scott Anderson for “The Night Tempest”, Allen and Carole Lakoff Brady;
  • Rena Brouwer for “Natural Elements”, Kay Hissong for “August Prairie” and Venna Werner for “Friends”, Darlene Druley;
  • Mary Ann Davis for “Garden Whites”, Deb Lathrop for “Jon’s Path” and Annette Warfel for “Autumn Indiana”, First Bank Richmond;
  • Rena Brouwer for “Design by Nature”, Karen Graeser for “In Another World”, Meg Harms for “Water Banks”, Richard Lathrop for “Early Morning Converse, IN”, Nancy Nordloh Neville for “Hollyhock House”, Libby Rudolf for ” Snowy Steps ”and Lawrence Sexton for“ Afternoon Walk ”, Chip and Marcia Foster;
  • Atossa Rahmanifar for “Opposites Attract, II”, Cory and Ginger Gray;
  • Jerry Points for “My Oh My” and Alan Patrick for “Sunset Woods”, Robin D. Henry;
  • Craig D. Barton for “Dream Series: Just Past ‘End of Trail 10’”, Ivy Tech Richmond; and
  • Allen Hutton for “Smokehouse”, Ply.

The exhibition runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday.

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