The MOSH Museum will be built on the site of the Jacksonville, Florida shipyards

A new MOSH museum has been announced for development on the 4 acres City-owned shipyard site located in downtown Jacksonville’s Northbank. The Museum of Science and History (MOSH) abandoned previous plans for its existing Southbank location, which involved building renovations and expansion, and opted instead to build a new 133,000-foot museum squares on the property of the city’s shipyards.

DLR Group has been selected as the designer for the new MOSH museum and the firm will work alongside Kasper architects + associates and SCAPE. Several renderings have been revealed to preview the new museum’s planned exterior and design concept inspired by the flow of water from the Saint John River.

Features of the MOSH museum complex

Look for construction leads

The three-storey complex of the MOSH Museum has been designed to give the impression that the building is emerging from the edge of the Northbank River, through a series of terraces which will have helically curved ramps. This will serve to connect the lower level to a rooftop terrace that provides sheltered event space, as well as sweeping views of downtown Jacksonville.

According to MOSH CEO Bruce Fafard, the new museum at the shipyard site is expected to open by 2024. He also mentioned that a MOSH 2.0 fundraising campaign, which has raised up to $80 million since its creation in 2019, will now be used. to fund development of the museum’s new location along the St. Johns River.

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Chair of the MOSH 2.0 Campaign Cabinet, Jill Davis mentioned that the new MOSH Museum building will provide the city with a transformative hub for science, innovation and the humanities in the downtown area.

Lenny Curry, Mayor of Jacksonville, also spoke in support of the new MOSH museum project and commended MOSH leaders for their commitment to downtown Jacksonville. Curry said MOSH has inspired city residents of all ages to embrace the joy of lifelong learning for nearly 80 years, and this bold and innovative vision cultivated by MOSH will inspire future generations and strengthen the city’s reputation as a premier destination in the southeastern United States. States.

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