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Poems, pictures, news articles, Facebook memes – all of these and more will be featured in a December exhibit that the Kodiak History Museum is hosting on COVID-19.

Museum curator Lynn Walker recently appeared on KMXT’s Talk of the Rock to describe how the museum funded the exhibit by the people of Kodiak.

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“The exhibit uses material that we collected during the daily initiative launched last year, where people could send any type of COVID, from photos of their quarantine to memes. that they saw on Facebook or any other social media, newspaper articles, personal reflections, a bit of everything that embodied what they were going through. And so we’re using this collection, and we’re collecting new materials for the exhibit, and we’re going to show them in digital or print format, ”Walker said.

Walker says the exhibit is still forming ahead of its scheduled December debut, but that it will be a physical exhibit, traveling to four different locations around the city that have yet to be announced before d ‘to be installed later in the museum next March.

“We’re playing with the idea that each site is going to have a different theme. Maybe a week we will focus more on COVID hobbies. So it’ll show people cooking or, you know, baking bread. So it’s going to change, some things will stay the same, but it’s going to be different photos, different materials, and everything.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been divisive and traumatic from a physical, mental and political perspective. Walker acknowledges that the policy is part of COVID history and intends to include it in the exhibit.

“I wanted to show the whole experience of COVID and Kodiak and not really censor it. I didn’t want to censor it other than… maybe bad language. But anyway, I didn’t want to censor opinions or anything like that, because the museum is a great forum for these discussions. And I really wanted this exhibit to be kind of Kodiak’s. So I welcome all political stories, ”Walker said.

The exhibition will also have a digital component, with material exhibited online. Videos, photos, audio clips and text will all be featured in the exhibit.

While there is a lot of material for the exhibit, there is still more collection to be done. Those interested in submitting material to the exhibition can do so by sending an email to [email protected]


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