Stay dry, celebrate the local at the Saint Louis Art Museum


ST. LOUIS – Windy, wet and cold: it’s not the best time to be outside in Forest Park. But inside the Saint-Louis Art Museum, a celebration is underway.

“Not only is it an escape from the gloomy weather outside, but all of our special exhibits that are on view right now have something to do with St. Louis and the surrounding area,” said Amy Torbert, the
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Assistant Curator of American Art.

Including the new exhibition “Art along the rivers: a celebration of the bicentenary”. Art in all media is on display, spanning a thousand years of history in and around Saint-Louis.

“Paintings and sculptures, yes. But also pipes made of corn on the cob and clothes and furniture, and, and, and, and. Not a kitchen sink, but we have stoves, ”she said.

Torbert says you can even get into the Halloween spirit with a visit to the museum this weekend.

“We have mummies in the museum. This is the perfect time to come visit them. They’re in a beautiful upstairs gallery decorated with stars in a sky, ”Torbert said.

So if you haven’t visited it in a while, come back.

“We have the impression that our number of visitors increases when it is cold outside. And we look forward to welcoming you, ”said Torbert.

“Art along the rivers: a celebration of the bicentenary” will be on view at the St. Louis Art Museum until January 9, 2022.


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