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St. James Regional Catholic School on Monday presented a living wax museum to celebrate the solemnity of All Saints.

A press release says the seventh-graders dressed in the roles of saints and shared a brief story about the saint’s life to parents and visitors who attended. Twenty-nine saints were represented, including:

  • Katherine Drexel presented by Madeline Krill
  • Saint Cecilia displayed by Charleigh Whelan
  • Joan of Arc displayed by Kate Jarboe
  • Pope John Paul displayed by Beckett Meumann
  • John of the Cross displayed by Grant Coen
  • Giovanni Calabria posted by John Board

“Saints are very important to the tradition of the Catholic Church,” Senior SJS Sister Marie Hannah said in the statement. “We teach our students about the lives of saints to help them better understand what it means to be a disciple of Christ and to remember those who have preceded and spread the Christian faith down through the centuries. “

The annual feast of the Solemnity of All Saints recognizes and celebrates all known and unknown saints of the Catholic Church, who have completed their earthly journeys and now live forever with God, the statement said.

“Through activities such as the Living Wax Museum, we educate our students about the history of the Church and that holiness is possible for everyone,” said Hannah. “Saints are models of human excellence and teach us how to better live our lives.”

In its 16th year, the Distinguished Alumni program at Elizabethtown Community and Technical College celebrates the achievements of 130 outstanding alumni and graduates.

These leaders have made remarkable contributions to their professions and communities, expanding the impact of ECTC across the country. Candidates are now sought to be inducted into the class of 2022 laureates.

The names and photos of the winners will join with others in the Hall of Distinguished Alumni, on display in the atrium of the Regional Postsecondary Center on ECTC’s Elizabethtown campus. The 2020-2021 winners included Kelli Bush, Mary Jane Lambert Elliott, Dr Jacqueline Gerard, Mark Nelson, Walter Roark and Rick Whobrey.

ECTC welcomes applications from the public. Anyone who knows a former ECTC student or graduate who meets the requirements is welcome to recommend that candidate for recognition as a Distinguished Alumni. Self-nomination is allowed.

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A brief statement documenting the candidate’s professional accomplishments, leadership activities, and evidence of exemplary community service must accompany the completed application for appointment.

The public is also invited to submit nominations for the Lifetime Achievement Award, which honors the contributions of college faculty and staff. Applicants may be former employees of ECC, ETC or ECTC.

Nomination forms for Distinguished Alumni and Lifetime Achievement Award are available at

Applications must be received by Friday January 14 at the latest and must be complete to be considered.

Representatives of the college community will review the nominations and recommend the winners to the President’s Office. ECTC will celebrate the winners of the 2022 Class of Distinguished Alumni and Lifetime Achievement Awards at the Profiles of Excellence ceremony in Spring 2022.

Questions can be directed to Megan Stith at [email protected] or 270-706-8721.

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