Siloam Springs Museum to Host Social Distancing Oktoberfest


SILOAM SPRINGS – The Siloam Springs Museum will be hosting a Social Distancing Oktoberfest starting Friday.

Known as “Tap Into History,” the annual Oktoberfest will be held differently this year, according to the museum’s acting director, Mary Nolan.

This year, the museum will sell coolers for $ 40 each, Nolan said. All coolers must be purchased at the museum, Nolan said.

Coolers will be available while supplies last and will contain three tokens redeemable at downtown businesses, a souvenir token, a one-year Siloam Springs Museum membership, this year’s historical quiz and more. fun articles, Nolan said. The tokens will be valid until October 30, Nolan said.

“Tap into History is an opportunity for people to get together with family and friends, learn a bit more about history, and support downtown businesses and the museum while having a beer,” Nolan said.

The historical quiz was done in the style of a scavenger hunt where participants search for answers to questions, said director of collections and research Don Warden. This year, answers to the quiz will be posted on the museum’s website and on Facebook, Nolan said.

Those who answer the quiz correctly will enter a raffle for a $ 100 gift card to downtown businesses, Warden said.

For the first year, the quiz was about Simon Sager and his family, Warden said. The answers to the quiz were found in Simon Sager’s exhibits at the museum, Warden said.

Warden took the quiz in 2017 on two liquor stores that operated downtown in the 1930s, he said.

The museum was closed in 2018 for renovation and did not have a quiz, but people did have the opportunity to tour the Ivory Bill brewery and Warden spoke about the history of the building that was originally part of the Ralph Jones Company (now Pipelife Jet Stream), he said.

In 2019, the quiz focused on the history of the cinemas that operated downtown and the pool hall that existed, Warden said. The museum did not host an Oktoberfest in 2020, Warden said.

For this year’s quiz, Warden plans to base it on the Women’s Temperance Movement, but is still working on the details, he said.

Participants must submit the forms by October 30, Nolan said.

Nolan said she got the idea for the social-distanced Oktoberfest from Main Street Siloam Springs executive director Stacy Morris, who heard about a similar project in the town of Skowhegan, Maine, Nolan said.

Skowhegan sold cooler bags in May containing a selection of 12 beers, including beer, cider and seltzer from 12 different craft brewers, according to

The bag also contained a stainless steel cooking tool; barbecue sauce and ketchup; an apron; two campfire mugs; cocoa; an ice pack; a frisbee; a sticker from Skowhegan’s new community initiative “Someplace Kind of Wonderful; And a gold ticket for a chance to win VIP tickets to the upcoming Skowhegan Craft Brew Fest, the website says. The bags sold for $ 75 and the draw for VIP tickets was held on Memorial Day weekend.

The Siloam Springs businesses participating in the Oktoberfest at a social distance are:

• a cafe on Broadway

• the Creekside rest room

• the Parkhouse kitchen and bar

• 28 springs


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