Shackleton Museum in Kildare says it will house all newly discovered Endurance artefacts

The curator of the Shackleton Museum in Athy said he would welcome any newly discovered Endurance artifacts.

Margaret Walsh made these comments while addressing the Chief.

She also revealed that Shackleton’s Quest Cabin is nearing its final stage of conversation work, in time for the new Shackleton Museum to open in early 2023.

Last Wednesday, the Shackleton Museum, in addition to the Athy Local History Group, reacted to the discovery of the late explorer’s ship, Endurance.

The ship was found 100 years to the day after the burial of the pioneer (born in Kilkea next to Athy) and 106 years after the historic ship was crushed in the pack ice and sank during one of the expeditions of Shackleton.

It measures 144 feet and had three masts.

Commenting on the discovery at the time, Ms Walsh said: “The Shackleton Museum in Athy is thrilled with the good news that the wreck of Endurance has now been found in the Weddell Sea, Antarctica.

“It was the ship used on the ambitious Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition of the legendary Athy-born Antarctic explorer, Sir Ernest Shackleton, who died 100 years ago in January 1922.

She continued: “The Endurance was crashed in the Weddell Sea in 1915, stranding all men and beginning one of the most remarkable tales of hardship and survival in the history of exploration, where Shackleton’s renowned leadership skills resulted in the unlikely survival of every crew member.”

Meanwhile, Athy local history group member Seamas Taaffe also called Endurance’s discovery “quite extraordinary” and said the group plans to invite Mensun Bound down to host a conference in October.

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