Science Museum of Western VA Adds Homeschool STEM Program

(WDBJ) – The West Virginia Science Museum has a new program called the Homeschool STEM Outreach program. This is new for the science museum and with more students in a home school environment due to COVID, this program may be suitable for your child.

Danielle Murray says, “There is a very large population of families who have chosen to transition to the homeschool model for a variety of reasons and we really want to make sure these students don’t fall behind in many of these essential skills. , such as going through the scientific method, questioning, experimenting, recording things that they will later see in their SOL.

Each week the students will work with different experiments. Classroom is a stand-alone, hands-on STEM activity that parents and students can do together.

Danielle Murray says, “All the answers are there, all the worksheets, the questions that need to be asked, the background information on what they are learning. All the materials and supplies are laid out for them so that they can guide their child through it and become the hero at the end of the day.

This program is open to everyone and takes place every Tuesday during the rest of the school year. The price is $ 5 and classes are held at the Science Museum of Western Virginia, which is located inside Center in the Square.

These courses are based on the NASA Museum in a Box program. All materials and experiments can also be done at home.

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