Science HS, a prominent museum in the Bangsamoro region

DAVAO CITY—The government of Bangsamoro has set its sights on establishing a science high school and museum in the area to enhance the quality of science capabilities of its constituents and enhance the appreciation of its historical past and scientific.

Bangsamoro MP Eng. Aida M. Silongan filed a bill to establish Bangsamoro Science High School (BSHS) “to maintain and support a comprehensive, adequate and integrated high school science system for learners in the region.”

Silongan’s Bill 203, titled “Bangsamoro Science High School Act of 2022”, would provide free scholarships to qualified learners in the region interested in pursuing a career in science.

The Bangsamoro Autonomous Region Ministry of Science and Technology in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) was designated in the bill to ensure that BSHS “meets or exceeds the standards of the current Philippine science high school system. “. [PSHS] and integrates values ​​education to strengthen the foundations of science and faith in the lives of students in the region.

According to the proposal, the BSHS will be established in Parang, Maguindanao.

The bill would create a board of trustees for the science school that would be headed by BARMM’s Minister of Science and Technology and co-chaired by the Minister of Basic, Higher and Technical Education.

Members would include the president of the Mindanao State University System, the director of the BSHS campus, the president of the BSHS Alumni Association and a representative from the private sector.

Mindanao has two PSHS campuses, one each in Davao City and Baloi, Lanao del Sur.

Additionally, the Bangsamoro government would establish its own museum of historical and scientific artifacts inside the Cotabato City Government Center.

“Given the valuable assets in the custody of the museum and its important role in preserving the artistic and cultural heritage of the Bangsamoro people, the establishment of the Bangsamoro Museum as an agency becomes vital,” said MP Amilbahar S. Mawallil . in the Bangsamoro Transitional Authority Bill 192 filing.

The proposed Bangsamoro Museum would be “dedicated to its people, history and culture. It will house artefacts, works of art, textual documents and iconographic representations. »

Its main mission would be to collect archives, preserve artifacts and exhibit artistic and cultural objects indicative or unique to the natural history of the Bangsamoro region and the artistic and cultural heritage of its people.

It is said to house many valuable and priceless artifacts, including 125 ethnographic specimens, the most notable of which are the 19 limestone burial jars.

The proposed law would make the museum a permanent institution “at the service of the community and its development, accessible to the public and not for profit, it will be placed under the supervision of the Bangsamoro Commission for the preservation of cultural heritage”.

The bill seeks to establish provincial museums as well as regional and site museums. Their locations would be chosen on the basis of geography, population distribution, administrative efficiency, outstanding artistic, cultural and natural heritage significance, and educational, environmental and tourism considerations.

Once approved, a council would be created to oversee and manage the museum.

Image credits: BARMM website

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