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Frederick Oakes Sylvester, American, 1869-1915; “Mississippi to

Elsah ”, 1903; oil on canvas; 30 1/8 x 45 1/16 inches; Art museum and

Archeology, University of Missouri, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. George

Schriever 2021.103; Museum of Art and Archeology, University of

Missouri — Colombia

Jenna carlie

By Maggie Peters | Photo courtesy of the Saint Louis Art Museum

Reflecting the bicentennial of Missouri’s admission to the state on August 10, 1821, the Saint Louis Art Museum celebrates through an exploration of art that spans over 200 years of statehood. “Art Along the Rivers” will exhibit works of art from the state’s confluence region, characterized by the junction of the Mississippi, Missouri and Ohio rivers of the last millennium.

The exhibition seeks to highlight what connects the people of this region and is therefore organized thematically rather than chronologically.

“These are things you wouldn’t think of putting together, but looking around you might get some surprises out of them,” says American art curator Melissa Wolfe. “It’s a discovery – we want people to go around the galleries in surprise at what is being set up. There are very famous things and local things, and they are given the same attention because this is art that has been produced here.

Examples include an embroidered suit jacket by an artist from Alton displayed next to a vase by Adelaide Alsop Robineau, one of the principal ceramicists at the Art Academy of People’s University in University City. Both pieces feature elaborate textures and layers of color and carry equal weight in the exhibition.

Additionally, across a span of 1,000 years, the exhibition creates a dialogue between the art of Native American nations, European immigrants, and African Americans, as well as their experiences in the same region. The thematic organization, in addition to touching a wide variety of institutions and collections, highlights the rich diversity of the state.


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