RAF Museum Lecture – 5/6 September 2022

Museum conference 2022: Meaning, memory and past (unknown)

September 5/6, 2022

Held at the Royal Air Force Museum in London, this two-day conference brings together an interdisciplinary field of academics and scholars to present research that challenges the accepted historical consensus. The lecture will explore the significance of past games and establish their historical significance and will feature a keynote address by Richard Toye titled: “I Bet You’re Sorry You Won!” : Generations, Authority, and Honor in Public Memory of World War II.

The cost of attending the conference in person for both days is £50. This cost covers registration, refreshments and lunch for both days. The RAF Museum is offering up to a third of the conference tickets available at a concession price of £35 (*concession tickets are for students, retired delegates and those who define themselves as on a budget clearly limited). Tickets are available now

The research presented will offer new evidence and provide critical reflections and reframe our historical understanding of the history we “remember”, the history we “poorly remember” and the history we have “forgotten”. . In doing so, this research revises the conclusions of previous work and challenges the myths that have developed and represents an important moment in the advancement of historical knowledge as well as an exciting line-up of speakers from around the world.

Panels at the conference will include the latest research on a range of topics, including: Memory and Media: The (Mis-)Remembered Pilot; Forgotten Efforts of World War II; Productions of the past: archives, paintings and representations of the air war; and Myths and their Meanings in the Present: The Battle of Britain, Navalist Reinterpretations in China, and Air Power in Africa. The conference will feature papers on the development of the French aircraft industry in the late 1930s, the Panavia Tornado supply program and La Défense in 1957. The conference will conclude with a panel that will examine the preparations and development of RFC and RAF’s respective pre-war years, as well as the RAF’s occupation experience in Japan.

The keynote address will be delivered by Richard Toye, Professor of Modern History at the University of Exeter. Professor Toye is a historian of Britain in its global and imperial context from the late 19th century to the present day, and an expert on the life, career and reputation of Winston Churchill. His book Winston Churchill: A Life in the News (OUP, 2020) builds on the approach used by Richard in The Lion’s Roar: The Untold Story of Churchill’s Second World War Speeches (OUP, 2013) which showed that Churchill’s oratory generated far more controversy and criticism than legend suggests. Prof Toye also explored how Churchill’s reputation was exploited in the decades following his death in the co-authored book Churchill Myths (OUP, 2020).


The conference will take place at the RAF Museum, London, from Monday to Tuesday 5 and 6 September 2022. Registration will open from 9.00 am on 5 September.


The cost to attend the conference for both days is £50. A limited number of concession tickets are available at £35. Booking is quick and easy: Click HERE to buy tickets


The conference program is available for download here. Please note that changes in circumstances may necessitate modification of the program.

On line

The conference can also be viewed remotely via the Museum’s Crowdcast channel.

To access the conference, you may need to verify that your Internet browser is compatible. Google Chrome is currently reported to provide the best experience for using Crowdcast.

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