Quincy Children’s Museum seeks to make an impact in classrooms

QUINCY (WGEM) – About 75 educators gathered at The Crossing on Thursday to explore the educational opportunities the Quincy Children’s Museum has to offer.

The museum’s first-ever education summit gave teachers the chance to use exhibits that may soon be in schools. Some exhibits included the formation of ramps on which a ball could travel and life-size puzzles.

Baldwin Elementary second-grade teacher Lexus Wedding said exhibits can teach students many lessons.

“It will help in completely different areas like socio-emotional, math, literacy, writing, acting, and art.”

Wedding also said the exhibits could help students improve their sensory motor skills.

In addition, $2,500 worth of school supplies and teaching materials were distributed.

Museum director Amy Peters said the goal is to provide students with experiences that inspire creativity, curiosity, connection and discovery.

“We hope these types of events and these types of activities spark that curiosity and discovery in our teachers, but also create a connection for them,” Peters said.

Museum board member Emily Reuschel said the exhibits could enhance educational programs.

“It really gives them the opportunity to do what they love to do,” Reuschel said. “It’s about taking these unique materials that we have and putting them together in a way that serves students and can provide unique experiences.

Reuschel said the next step is for the museum to partner with schools to be able to bring exhibits into classrooms.

A partnership between the Quincy Children’s Museum and the Quincy Service League has allowed the museum to launch outreach programs in schools.

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