Programming the perfect mortgage

The mortgages of our reality are not perfect. It is evidence; evident if you don’t know that our reality is nothing more than the collective projection of the millions of minds that populate the Earth. At least this is the theory.

It is no one’s fault, do not panic. But our reality is a virtual creation of superior beings:


If you have not woken up surrounded by viscous, bald liquid and full of tubes that leave your body, you don’t believe in my words. Good news.

In cash we have seen how we could alter some lines of the source code of our particular Matrix to improve market mortgages . To be used as sources of energy is one thing, and to suffer the inclemency of a reality that is too faulty another.

Among the improvements we could add to Matrix are:


  • The first imperfection of our particular reality in Spain is that the vast majority of mortgage loans are variable rates. The human mind misses uncertainty. An improved mortgage would be that offered by a fixed interest rate below the expected evolution of the Financial Standing.
  • No opening or withdrawal fees or other names that grown virtual bankers have invented.
  • No associated products ; Some banks seem to be sellers of strange (and expensive) names, with the insurance card or high profitability.
  • With the shortest possible term , since more years more interest we end up paying.

Increase his monthly payroll


Surely more than one wonders why he did not change the price of the house in Matrix to make it more accessible to the citizen and increase his monthly payroll .

I confess that I am tempted to hit the key, but such a drastic change in the program could have dramatic effects . The cities would be filled with black cats. A déjà vou of unforeseeable consequences. Or not?

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