NFT Museum Commissions Artist Ed Cavett to Create Generative Art Token for NFT Permanent Collection

The NFT Museum in Newberry, South Carolina today announced the commission of Ed Cavett of Portland, Oregon to create the first generative art token for the museum’s collection. Generative art refers to art that, in whole or in part, has been created in collaboration with an autonomous system. The code Ed created for this token is believed to be the first generative art code commissioned by a museum for its permanent NFT art collection. Generated art will be created, or “minted”, during the alpha release of the NFT Marketplace as part of the ongoing Emerging Generative Artist Program (EGAP) designed to help NFT artists create artwork innovations on the blockchain.

Learn more about the NFT Museum EGAP project by visiting:

Biography of the artist:

Ed Cavett is an established interdisciplinary multimedia materials artist from the Pacific Northwest.

A generative artist since 1984, Ed began coding art as a teenager using the BASIC programming language. Over the decades, his work continued privately until the advent of NFTs. After decades of honing his creative coding skills, in 2018 Ed began building generative systems using p5js to create valuable virtual art for NFT-art collectors. Ed shared this journey in a collection of how-to and instructional videos available on his YouTube channel, DrawMakeCode.

Ed’s love and discovery of art was a natural and self-guided process. As an outside artist, his knowledge and experience of art was very driven, passionate and hands-on. His independent study of art and coding began in a small town in the Midwest; later studied art independently while living in Chicago, IL, then hosted successful art venues in Iowa City, IA before settling in Ashland, Oregon, home of the famed Shakespeare Festival world. His growth and development as an artist continues as he strives to mold an impression of his passion in the annals of art history. Today, his hands-on, virtual art is loved and collected by admirers around the world.

About the NFT Museum in Newberry, SC:

Established in October 2021, the Non-Fungible Token Museum™ is a contemporary digital art museum offering both physical and virtual space for education, collaboration, and exhibition of NFT art.

NFT Museum media contact:

Robert Matheson, Founder

[email protected]

Media Contact
Company Name: NFT MUSEUM
Contact person: Robert Matheson
E-mail: Send an email
Call: 1 (803) 768-5250
Address:1110 Harrington Street
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