New museum to recognize Warsaw radio station which was the second largest in the world

by Karolina Duszczyk
In memory of what was once the second highest radio transmitting station in the world, scientists are looking to create a museum to commemorate its history.
Built after Poland regained its independence at the end of World War I in 1923, half of Europe sent telegrams to the United States through the Transatlantic Radiotelegraph Broadcasting Center in Warsaw.

Composed of 10 massive towers 126 meters high [over 430 feet], the radio station’s transmitter was powerful enough to reach North and South America.
The Warsaw station was also one of the best equipped in the world with two 200 kW machine transmitters each powered by a 500 kW diesel generator providing 24 hour communication with the United States.
When World War II broke out following Hitler’s invasion of Poland, German troops captured the station allowing the Nazis to communicate with their submarine fleets and with Japan. At the end of the war, they destroyed it, the detonation of which shattered the windows of houses more than 10 miles away.
Now covered by forest, among the trees it is still possible to find parts of the broadcast station.
In 2018, a three-meter-high monument commemorating the antenna of the Transatlantic Radiotelegraph Center was inaugurated.
Today, the Faculty of Electronics of the Military University of Technology is trying to reconstruct the transmitter as part of a museum dedicated to it.
MEWA Radio will broadcast shortwave programs commemorating the history of transatlantic radio.
The museum will preserve the memory of its engineers and builders and the landmark event in Polish history, which was the establishment of direct radio communication with the United States.
PAP – Science in Poland

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