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As many of you know, I’m usually on a mission to find out all things history. I hope you don’t mind me digressing because I feel a few accolades are in order this week. The Brown County Historical Society owes a huge thank you to Mayor Collins and the Hiawatha Commissioners for their support of the historical society and museum projects!

On Valentine’s Day, Monday, February 14, 2022, the Historical Society was on the agenda to speak to the Commissioners about the ideas and proposed plans for the currently leased property. The conversation included Board Chairman Gary Shear summarizing the proposal for land currently leased, and Mayor Bill Collins quickly inserted that the land should be DONATED to the Historical Society. It was voted on and approved at the Commissioner’s meeting on Monday, February 14, 2022. The Brown County Historical Society is deeply grateful to Mayor Collins and the Commissioners’ support of the Historical Society’s projects.

For anyone unaware of current projects, allow me to share a moment. The Brown County Historical Society is building an authentic addiction to share with children when they visit the one-room schoolhouse. The historical society was approached and offered a collection of windmills to provide a place where the windmills can be safely stored and viewed by the public. The windmill collection would be the Clarence Middendorf, Lawrence Thonen and Jack Baker Windmill Memorial Building, with a target date of 2022. All of these men (and others not yet mentioned) were individuals who sought to educate the community about the purpose of windmills. and wind loaders. The display would be another attraction and attract people to visit Brown County. The Brown County Historical Society plans to construct the Jere and Patty Bruning Memorial Building. The Brown County Historical Society hopes to collaborate with other members of the community, namely the Hiawatha Chamber and the Visitors Bureau, with the vision for “Mrs. Krebs Garden Memorial Garden” on the property. The Brown County Historical Society is looking to make improvements to Windmill Lane for visitors! Our current collection of windmills could, in fact, already break a world record. We submitted it to the Guinness Book of World Records to determine if the Historical Society currently holds the record. The Brown County Historical Society is very excited about the Historical Society’s 2022 plans, and we hope you will be too. There is, as always, so much more to every story! Find it! Be sure to share with me what you discover! #historymysteries

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