Museum at the Mall: Exhibits Invite the Public to Explore Local History on Their Shopping Outings | News

PLATSBURGH – An unexpected partnership between local museums and the Champlain Center Mall is underway.

The local museum exhibits will now be previewed at the Champlain Shopping Center, near Bazaar Trader.


Although in an unlikely location, shoppers will have the opportunity to learn about local history as they complete their holiday shopping and more.

“The heavy traffic that the shopping center receives has prompted museums to present their exhibits. In addition, the museums were interested in reaching new visitors that they might not have been able to target on their site, ”Emily Moosmann, Marketing Director of the Champlain Center. , noted.

Buyers of all ages will be welcome to view the exhibits.


“Museum at the Mall” is open to all age groups. We saw everyone from mall walkers to families enjoying the mall exhibits, ”Moosmann said.

According to a press release from the Champlain Center, the exhibits will feature “The Clinton County Historical Association, the Lake Champlain Basin Program and 1814 Commemoration Inc.”

“CCHA is very happy to be part of the ‘Museum at the Mall’. Our presence at the Champlain Center Mall is a wonderful opportunity for CCHA to promote the history of Clinton County. We have new and updated exhibits in every gallery of the Museum, ”said CCHA President Geri Favreau.

“Our in-house Prohibition exhibit, funded by a 2021 Trade Corridor Grant from the Champlain Valley National Heritage Partnership, tells the story of prohibition and contraband in the county from 1920 to 1933.


The museum exhibit will provide many opportunities to learn more about the history of the North country, as well as the history of North America.

“The purpose of our group is to recognize and honor the Haudenosaunee people who have been here for thousands of years. We installed a turtle sculpture on the waterfront of Peace Point Park in Plattsburgh this fall, and now the opportunity to have an exhibit at the mall wonderfully expands our educational reach, ”Penny Clute, host for Tsi ietsenhtha (Gee Yeh Jon ‘Ta) Plattsburgh Art Project, said.

“When buyers view our exhibit, they will learn about the importance of the turtle in the history of creation and why North America is called Turtle Island.”

“Museum at the Mall” emphasizes the importance of teaching local history, while promoting other area museums to visit.

“Learning about local history is important to residents because it helps enrich the understanding of people in their community. We are fortunate to have such a wide variety of great museums to explore here in Plattsburgh, ”said Moosmann.

“I would recommend the War of 1812 Museum and the Clinton County Historical Association Museum to anyone interested in learning more.”

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