Moving dinosaurs at the Museum of Discovery and Science

On a hot South Florida summer day, seeing the Dinosaurs in Motion exhibit at the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Discovery and Science was the perfect respite from the scorching sun. My sister, 4 1/2 year old niece and I were recent visitors and immediately realized we weren’t the only ones with this brilliant idea. The museum seemed to be overrun with children under the age of 10 as their tired parents chased after them, shouted from behind the scenes or just watched.

The exhibition space, however, was not as busy. Located upstairs, 14 large life-size dinosaur statues greeted us. The recycled sculptures were created from metal and were interactive through the use of levers, flywheels and pulleys. Some were powered by electricity at the flick of a switch while others were operated by what appeared to be a video game controller.

As a cardio bunny who isn’t the best at lifting weights, I definitely had to exert more force than usual while working the pulleys. This exhibit is probably best for kids 8 and up as there can be a strength challenge for younger participants, as well as a tall challenge. It’s best to note that due to the delicate nature of these statues, there were signs advising visitors to “play soft”.

Each exhibit talked about the structural aspect of the dinosaur statue as well as facts about the dinosaur itself. For example, the Gastornis dinosaur exhibit had an informative sign showing where it was, its diet, size, and more. Because this display was powered by pulleys, there was an additional panel discussing the mechanism of the pulleys. Also the bird statues discussed the evolution of birds into dinosaurs which was interesting.

The exhibition ended at Innovation Stations where guests were greeted with more interactive activities. Looking at the pictures, the slogan on the poster at the start of the exhibit that greeted us said, “Where art and science meet,” and I totally agree.

The Dinosaurs in Motion exhibition is free with admission to the museum and is on display until September 5. Other summer offerings at the museum, 401 SW Second St., include Turtle Walks, Sensory Sunday, Food Forest Summer Series, and Slime Time Weekends. Visit or call 954-467-6637.

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