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Children are invited to a fun morning of paleontological, biological and scientific activities every first Saturday of the month from September to May (except bank holiday weekends).

The Saturday club is FREE and open to children ages 7-14 (younger/older siblings welcome!)

Saturday club starts at 10:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m.

The museum is located at the south end of campus, just look for the bronze T-Rex statue.

For November, the club focused on fossil snakes and other reptiles. Specialist Russell Hawley discussed the differences between reptiles and mammals and how reptiles are classified based on the holes in their skulls.

Hawley’s enthusiasm for dinosaurs is contagious. Parents love to learn alongside their little humans.

Hawley showed real reptile skulls and how to classify them according to its “windows”, a distinctive pattern.

Then the kids got to build turtles, make twirling snakes, a jaw bone puzzle and explore the wonders of the Tate museum.

Kolby Fedore, Townsquare Media

Kolby Fedore, Townsquare Media


December 3, 2022: Ornamental dinosaurs

In this free Saturday club open to the public, we make our own dinosaur ornaments to brighten up the holiday season! (Note: this date may be subject to change. Check with the Museum for updates).

January 7, 2023: Fossil birds
We show how to calculate a bird’s aspect ratio and discuss the relationship between a bird’s aspect ratio and its lifestyle. We measure the aspect ratios of some extinct species to see if they were flapping wood dwellers or efficient open-air gliders.

February 4, 2023: Digging Dragons: discoveries of fossils and mythical monsters

Were the Cyclops and the Griffin simply figments of human imagination, or did they have a factual basis? In this session, we will explore the possibility that fossils found by the Greeks and other ancient peoples inspired stories of dragons and other mythical beasts. Students will also learn how to make their own plaster casts of modern animal footprints – just in case they ever stumble upon a Bigfoot trail in the woods!

March 4, 2023: Water Dwellers – Amphibians That Gone and Reptiles That Returned

LILY: Tate Geological Museum and Werner Wildlife Museum reopen after COVID_19 restrictions

November Saturday Club at the Tate Museum

Governor Gordon visits the science area

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