More To The Story: 6th Cavalry Museum Goes Digital

Now people from all over the world can see history at the Fort. Oglethorpe Museum

FORT OGLETHORPE, Ga. (WDEF) – The 6th Cavalry Museum at Fort Oglethrope opened in 1981.

Until this week, there was no virtual experience AT the museum. But when Lafayette Middle School students walked through the doors, they became the first group to experience the facility’s virtual opportunities.

“We had students today from grade 6. Right now at school, they are studying the Aztecs. In the future, they will study all kinds of American stories related to their community. The 6th Cavalry Museum, with its artifacts, can help tell that story.

Jennifer Crutchfield is the one creating the local material on the XPLORE AR app, by Timelooper.

The 6th Cavalry Museum is his latest project.

Chris McKeever, now in her 18th year as the museum’s executive director, says going the virtual route is extremely important.

“COVID has shown us that not everyone can walk through our doors to see all of our exhibits. But now, with virtual reality, anyone in the world can learn what happened here at Fort Oglethorpe.

The museum received a grant to be able to finance the virtual project. Crutchfield says the 6th Cavalry’s new experience is only part of the “big picture.”

“My local goal is to open the door to history that families in our area can explore in their own backyards.”

Again, one can download the free app on XPLORE AR from Timelooper. You’re in business whether you’re using Android or Apple.

From Fort Oglethorpe, Dave Staley, News 12 Now.

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