Montana dinosaur has a new home at the Dickinson Museum


MONTANA (KFYR) – A dinosaur find in Montana several years ago is finally settling in Dickinson.

There are plenty of dinosaurs at Dickinson’s Badlands Dinosaur Museum, but the museum’s curator says this one is special.

“This will be one of the most beautiful dinosaurs you can see between Chicago and Montana, Bozeman,” said Dr Denver Fowler, curator of the Badlands Dinosaur Museum.

Dr Denver Fowler says the approximately 76 million year old tyrannosaurus originated from the Judith River Formation in Montana. He saw the animal’s feet protrude from a cliff in 2017.

It was a discovery that made it, and others want to dig.

“There was a skeleton and luckily for us it was curled up so it took up less space in the cliff so we could dig it up a bit easier,” Fowler said.

Fowler says it took several years to prepare the skeleton block for the trip and that about two weeks ago a heavy lifting helicopter picked it up and lowered it onto a trailer. The dino was then ready for the trip to his new home in Dickinson.

“During the lift, I was desperately hoping everything went as planned, and that’s what happened,” Fowler said.

Where is the tyrannosaurus today? The skeleton block weighing over nine thousand pounds is at Tooz Construction. They attach wheels to its support frame so that it can be transported into the lab.

“He’s just going through the doors and then he’s going to sit here in the middle of the lab and people can see him through the window and we’ll also have a camera from above taking a photo probably every minute.” “Said Fowler.

Fowler says the camera will allow the audience to see their work. They have some parts of the dinosaur, but he’s excited to learn more about it as it emerges from the rock.

Fowler says it will take about two years to completely clean up the dinosaur. he says he is grateful to those who supported the project including BLM, TC Energy, ConocoPhillips, JE Dunn and Tooz Construction.

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