Marchal receives the 2022 Garst Museum Heritage Award

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GREENVILLE — Serving nearly 20 years on a board may be enough for some people, but John F. Marchal has contributed to other organizations just as long. Recognized, once again, “for his significant contributions” to the community, John F. Marchal received another prestigious award. At the March 29 annual meeting of the Darke County Historical Society (DCHS) at the Garst Museum, John was recognized as the recipient of the 2022 Heritage Award.

John’s initial service on the Garst Board of Directors spanned nearly 20 years, most of it as Chairman, and his contributions were used to elect him as Director Emeritus of that Board in 2017. After a hiatus from three years, he went back on this same advice. continue to serve.

At the same time, he served on the board of the Greenville National Bank and helped organize the Greenville Schools Foundation, serving on its board as its first president. The long list of other significant contributions includes the Brethren Retirement Community, Boy Scouts of America, Rotary, and other local business and political organizations.

As Chairman of the DCHS Board, John spoke on his 100th birthday in November 2003. His opening comments for this celebration were, “I would like to take a few minutes tonight to talk about the word history. History is what happens every day. These are the actions of daily life, the effort of humanity to cope with the challenges and changes it faces in life.

“For thousands of years people have recognized the need to record or pass on these actions in order to preserve them for those to come. There has been a recognition that there is value in knowing and understanding our past and an awareness that our past is the platform on which we build the future It is a tool that helps us reflect on how to retain what is good and useful and avoid what is not not.

It grew from there, but John’s recognition of the need to preserve our history seems to have been the passion and driving force behind his actions for almost two decades. He has devoted countless hours to developing and strengthening the Garst Museum and the history of Darke County.

According to museum CEO Dr. Clay Johnson, the DCHS Heritage Award was created to recognize citizens or organizations for their distinguished contributions or actions of unusual excellence that help connect people to County County’s past. Darke.

Dr Johnson added, “John’s leadership as Chairman of the Board for twenty years, his experience and his unique insight into the administrative needs of DCHS have been integral to our success. On a more personal level, I have benefited from his tutelage, admired his commitment to the community and always enjoyed our conversations. John’s legendary support of the Darke County community goes far beyond his decades of dedicated assistance to the Garst Museum. It is an honor to present him with the Heritage Prize.

John and his wife Joy live in Greenville, where John has practiced law for nearly 64 years. John joins other Heritage Award recipients since the award’s inception in 1983 as he continues to connect people to the history of Darke County.

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