LETTER: The floating museum “a great opportunity” for the Cape Breton Regional Municipality

Subject: “Scientific vessel could set course for Sydney”, Cape Breton Post, 15 March.

Hats off to Vince MacLean for spotting a great opportunity for Cape Breton and the Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM).

Maclean suggests repurposing the Canadian Coast Guard vessel Hudson, a recently decommissioned scientific research vessel, as a major new addition for port development and tourism in the CBRM.

The ship would serve as a floating museum that would attract significant public interest as an educational asset. The Canadian Coast Guard College could play a role in providing expertise on the scientific value of the vessel.

Vessel anchorage options are open in the CBRM: Louisbourg, Glace Bay, North Sydney and Sydney Harbour.

With all the new energy flowing through the relocated Nova Scotia Community College site in downtown Sydney, the anchored ship could provide an extra boost to the revitalized central community within the CBRM. It would be a “walk on board” option attracting the curiosity of the public already attracted to the region. It adds to the new group of options for public education in the CBRM.

Cape Breton Canso MP Mike Kelloway is already enthusiastic about the idea. His enthusiasm could very well translate into some federal support, which would likely make him a very successful addition.




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