Immersive Dinosphere at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Take a look inside the Dinosphere inside the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis has so much to offer Indiana families. You could spend the whole day there and probably not discover everything in the museum. However, there is an immersive exhibit inside the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis that you need to take the time to see. Especially if you like dinosaurs!

Enter the Dinosphere!

Dinosphere opened in 2004 at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and it has become one of their most popular exhibits. The exhibit just reopened last week and it looks amazing! Not just for kids, but also for adults like me who have always found dinosaurs fascinating. According to their website:

Marvel at the huge, long-necked, four-legged creatures in Giants of the Jurassic™, reunite with old dinosaur friends in Creatures of the Cretaceous™, explore the ancient aquatic world in Monsters of the Mesozoic Seas™, and boost your creativity in Dinosphere Art Lab, all in the new Dinosphere®!

There are five areas you can explore in the Dinosphere. Let’s take a look at them!

Jurassic Giants

As their website says:

They’re still the biggest animals to ever walk the Earth, and they’ve been gone for millions of years! Check out our two new towering sauropods, huge four-legged, long-necked creatures that ate nothing but plants. Find out how they got so huge and be amazed!

Mesozoic Monsters

According to their website, here’s a little taste of what you’ll see here:

Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the ancient aquatic world! Dive into a shimmering underwater experience and encounter fearsome fossils from this mysterious world.

Cretaceous creatures

Here’s the exhibit I’m most looking forward to seeing at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis:

The dinosaurs you’ve come to know and love Dinosphere® are back! Return to the watering hole and discover a world of prehistoric activity with Bucky the T. rexKelsey the Triceratopsand other Cretaceous creatures!

Dinosaur Art Lab

This section of Dinosphere looks pretty cool too. Here you can do some pretty awesome things. According to their website:

Through different art forms, you can bring dinosaur fossils to life in the Dinosphere Art Lab! Combine real science with your creativity to draw, sculpt and design a day in the life of a dinosaur.

Dinosphere Paleo Lab

Here you can talk to real scientists working on real fossils in their lab. You can ask them anything you want to know about dinosaurs, and they might even show you a thing or two while you’re there too!

Indianapolis Children’s Museum

Indianapolis Children’s Museum

The Dinosphere exhibit is included with general admission and museum membership, so you don’t need to purchase a separate ticket just for this exhibit. However, it is strongly recommended that you purchase general admission tickets or reserve your membership tickets at least one day in advance to ensure your place. Again, this is just one of the many exhibits you can experience at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. You can learn more about Dinosphere and everything you can see at the museum by click here.

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