How can a credit broker help your SME?

There are many types of brokers. Actually, this word is used to designate an intermediary figure between a seller and a buyer, and the products involved can be stocks, insurance, companies, real estate, credits, etc. Business brokers usually focus on the sale or transfer of business, or the management of business loans.

A credit broker can help your SME a lot because it knows where and how to find the credit that best suits your needs. In addition, their advice and management help to complete the procedures in a much more agile way. Normally a credit broker has a broad portfolio of business allies, that is, credit institutions, with which you are already familiar, whose processes you know and in which sometimes you can get certain preferential conditions for you.

On the other hand, although the credit broker obtains a commission for each successful loan that it manages, its credibility with the bank also depends on the type of clients that it closes with, so it will always try to offer you financial products that are in accordance with Your payment possibilities.


A credit broker can help you when:

You need liquidity to seize an opportunity or expand your business

business credit

Business loans, ideally, are not requested both to correct deficits and to seize opportunities. These can be presented in many ways. Maybe you want to expand to another related business niche, secure a business premises in a new plaza or buy production machinery. A credit broker helps you get the liquidity you need as quickly as possible so you don’t lose opportunities, since instead of you having to compare options and manage the procedures of each banking institution, the broker tells you from the principle which ones suit you best and which is the best way to go.


You don’t know which option to choose and so many alternatives confuse you

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Today there is an immense offer of financial products that can be confusing and even misleading when we get carried away by appearances. Banking institutions frequently exaggerate the benefits of loans and handle issues such as interest rates, opening and renewal fees, penalties for prepayment, etc. Advising us with a credit broker prevents us from running the risk of acquiring a loan that was not by far the best available alternative.


You don’t like the direct attention of financial institutions

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Customer service from banks and other credit institutions tends to be impersonal and not very warm. But empathy is also important when it comes to business, and having an ally that understands your needs and the enthusiasm you feel for your company gives you much more confidence and security. The credit broker, in his role as intermediary, gets involved with your project because the success of the east is one of his best cover letters.


What financial products do credit brokers handle?

What financial products do credit brokers handle?

Some credit brokers are highly specialized in some particular type of business credit, but they are generally versatile in handling various types of business-focused loans, from startup loans and mortgages, to replacement credit and leasing.


What are digital credit brokers?

What are digital credit brokers?

Digital credit brokers are a type of Fintech that specializes in the aforementioned services, only that they do so through an automated online platform. This allows comparisons between financial products and the response to be even faster and more efficient.


In Bimitum, we have the additional advantage of offering our services completely free for our customers. We do not charge you any kind of commission for a loan that is successfully completed and we also advise you in a personalized, warm and humane way all the way. Discover why we are the ally that your business needs to grow.

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