Here’s What You’ll See In America’s Weirdest Museum Exhibits

Museums contain a lot of knowledge and people visit them to learn. In most cases, museums serve as storage or carriers of knowledge from the past. In this case, people can learn and understand what was there and what it meant. Other museums will also contain the knowledge of the present and research into future inventions.

For those who have been to a museum, there are many amazing and learning things in most cases. However, travelers never think that a museum can be strange. Very few people have had shocking experiences in a museum. Well, several museums in America are unique in many ways. These are museums designed to provide the weirdest experience that will stay in people’s minds for a long time. Here is a list of the weirdest things in American museums.

ten The MOOseum: all about the beef industry

This is not a history museum but all about the beef industry in Alabama. The Museum is called MOOseum to represent a cow sound. Visitors receive several lessons on cattle and horse breeds in Alabama from the MOOseum.

Also, visitors to this museum learn a lot about beef, protein, cow pens, and other cow related information. MOOseum was opened in 1995 and has been celebrating dairy and beef heritage ever since.

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9 A museum for bad art only

Large art museums are common and well celebrated by many people. Good art museums host many events and attract many visitors because of the amazing and expensive works of art they display. But how many people have heard of a Bad Art Museum?

A museum in Somerville is all about bad art and has exhibited over 700 works of disaster art. The exciting part is that each of these bad works of art has an explanation of what the original idea was but turned out to be ugly.

8 A museum of death in Louisiana

A lot of people don’t like stories about death. Many people are also afraid of anything related to death. However, the Louisiana Museum of Death is a strange one. Located in New Orleans, the museum celebrates death and does it in the best possible way.

When tourists enter this museum, if they make it, they will be greeted by an exhibit of skulls, body bags, crime scene photos, artifacts, and other bizarre pieces depicting the afterlife.

seven More than 35,000 rabbits in California

For a traveler looking for a collection of bunnies of all kinds, shapes, sizes, and meanings, they should visit the Bunny Museum in California. It’s the only Bunny Museum in America! The museum is known to have over 35,000 pieces of rabbits.

Pieces are available in nine categories: plush bunnies, antique bunny pendants, bunny cookie jars, real bunnies, wooden bunny art, pets, bunny-themed jewelry, and floating bunnies from the Rose Parade.

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6 The history and evolution of spam

For many people there is nothing strange about a pig or its meat. However, a spam museum in Minnesota may change that view! The museum has been running for several years and focuses on all things spam. It was opened in 1937 and there is a lot to learn and discover about spam in this museum.

5 A museum for Lee Maxwell’s washing machine in Colorado

People use some modern tools and machines without really thinking or understanding how they were invented or how they evolved. One of these machines is a washing machine. Very few people have any idea what an old washing machine looked like.

An antique washing machine would be an amazing sight for a modern person. However, at Lee Maxwell’s Museum in Colorado, there are over 1400 collected from various parts of the world. Some of the machines were made as early as 1840.

4 New Mexico UFO Research Center

The thought of UFOs and the stories surrounding them is strange to many people because they cannot understand. To add to that, there is an International UFO Museum in New Mexico. The museum is a strange and amazing place for all UFO enthusiasts.

It also functions as a research center for all things UFO. The US government exploits it.

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3 A museum full of skeletons

When studying biology or anatomy, skeletons are acceptable. However, a museum filled with skeletons of all shapes and sizes is strange. That’s what visitors will find at the Skeleton Museum in Florida. Although the Museum started with just a collection of a few animal skulls, it now has hundreds of animal skeletons. This is a great place to see the weirdest animal skeletons.

2 Superman Museum in Illinois

Superman is a well-known fictional movie character, but how many people would imagine a museum focusing on him. The Super Museum is all about Superman and everything about his history in Illinois.

The museum has over 20,000 items related to Superman. Some items are movie props, toys, theater and promotional materials. Every kid or superman fan would love to visit this museum.

1 All About Umbrella Covers

Many people don’t think much about umbrella covers. Many don’t even use them. Strangely, tourists have the chance to go to an umbrella cover museum in Maine. It is the only museum of this nature in the world. The Umbrella Cover Museum is home to over 700 umbrella covers of all shapes, sizes and styles from different parts of the world. Save this for a rainy day!

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