Grande Experiences and the Dalí Museum announce the world premiere of DALÍ ALIVE in the new digital art gallery

LIVE DALI Firsts 21st of October at THE LUME Colorado

Tickets are on sale now!

AURORA, Col., August 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Grande Experiences, a world leader in multi-sensory artistic and cultural experiences, in cooperation with the Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Floridais proud to announce the world premiere of LIVE DALI. The grand opening of their new permanent digital art gallery, THE LUME Colorado, is located at Stanley Marketplace (2501 Dallas Street, Aurora, CO 80010).

Creators and producers of VAN GOGH ALIVE – the most visited multi-sensory experience in the world – LIVE DALI will further redefine how American audiences connect with art and culture, engaging and inspiring guests to explore the life, art and triumphant achievements of Salvador Dalí. A powerful, vibrant symphony of light, color, captivating imagery, moving soundscapes and evocative aroma lifts you out of your world and immerses you in the surreal visions synonymous with the renowned artist.

Showcasing both Dalí’s challenges and triumphs, the breathtaking production dynamically enlivens the incomparable artist’s works, offering visitors the sensation of stepping into the life of Salvador Dalí himself and feeling the redemptive power of his imagination. Presented on over 13,000 square feet, including a full-coverage, multi-sensory projection gallery featuring spatial audio technology, LIVE DALI explores how the artist continually reinvented himself – his place, his person, his family and his very human ephemerality – to overcome obstacles. His personal and artistic moments of reinvention are shared through chronological segments highlighting his early formative years in Spainhis introduction to surrealist circles, his influential period in America, and the lasting cultural impact still recognized globally today.

“We couldn’t be more excited to collaborate with the prestigious Dalí Museum to create
LIVE DALI and bring the world premiere to the people of Colorado,” said Bruce Peterson, Executive Chairman and Founder of Grande Experiences. “Visitors will enjoy the unique opportunity to dive deep into the imaginative world of Salvador Dalí and immerse themselves in his beautiful, iconic and captivating art as we bring it to life. In my opinion, if Salvador Dalí was alive today, he would be creating art in this exciting new digital medium.”

The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Floridawhich holds an unparalleled collection of works by Salvador Dalí, has worked closely with Grande Experiences to develop LIVE DALI. “Dalí’s mission is to preserve and share the famous artistic legacy of Salvador Dalí,” said the Executive Director of the Dalí Museum, Dr. Hank Hine. “Our partnership with Grande Experiences allows us to amplify his transformative story to a wider audience – beyond those who visit the Dalí in Saint PETERSBOURG – providing an opportunity to appreciate the legendary artist and his far-reaching impact through this remarkable and theatrical digital display.”

THE LUME Colorado is Grande Experiences’ newest permanent digital art gallery and the fourth in the world. “VAN GOGH ALIVE at Stanley Marketplace was incredibly popular among Colorado residents and visitors last summer. We are honored to be the permanent home of THE LUME Colorado,” said Shaker Brand, co-founder and co-owner of Stanley Marketplace. “Given the impact VAN GOGH ALIVE had here, I am confident that the response to this world premiere event will be even more enthusiastic.”

Tickets for DALÍ ALIVE at THE LUME Colorado are ON SALE NOW! Adult tickets start at $39.00 with discounts for children and seniors. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit The experience opens to the public October 21, 2022.

Photos can be viewed here. Image credit: Dalí Alive © 2022 by the Salvador Dalí Museum, Inc. St. Petersburg, Florida and Great Experiences. Worldwide rights ©Salvador Dalí, Fundacio Gala-Salvador Dalí.


Grande Experiences, the co-creator and producer of DALÍ ALIVE, is a global leader in the creation, design, production, promotion and installation of large-scale exhibitions and multi-sensory immersive experiences with broad cultural appeal as well as engaging, entertaining and educational. contents. From concept to completion, Grande Experiences creates visually and technically stunning masterpieces and presents them around the world. His experiences have been streamed more than 220 times in more than 170 cities, in 32 languages, on six continents, captivating 20 million visitors.

Grande Experiences is based in Melbourne, Australia with other offices UK, Italy and United States Grande Experiences also own and operate the Museo Leonardo da Vinci, a prestigious permanent museum located in the center RomeItaly and opened four permanent immersive galleries in the UNITED STATES and Australia with plans for more in 2023.


An epic adventure in art, THE LUME is the culmination of a decade of Grand Experiences bringing immersive multi-sensory experiences to over 20 million people around the world: an ongoing experience that transforms the world’s best art into fully immersive sensory encounters where light ripples across all surfaces and masterpieces come to life. Awe-inspiring artwork is accompanied by a powerful and vibrant symphony of sound and aroma, inspiring guests to leave the world behind – an experience that is enchanting, entertaining and educational.

THE LUME Colorado is Grande Experiences’ fourth permanent digital gallery after other U.S. locations in Los Angeles and Indianapolis as well as its flagship, THE LUME Melbourne in Australia. For more information, visit or follow THE LUME Colorado at @thelumecolorado on Facebook and Instagram.


The Dalí Museum celebrates its 40th anniversarye year in St. Petersburg, Florida. It houses an unparalleled collection of works by Salvador Dalí comprising more than 2,400 works from every moment and in all the mediums of his artistic activity. Inspired by the overflowing creativity of Dalí, the Museum has introduced a multitude of innovative digital experiences such as Dreams of Dali, an award-winning virtual reality experience; an augmented reality experience in the free Dali Museum app and Dali livesa revolutionary experience of Artificial Intelligence.

The Dalí Museum is a non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve Dalí’s legacy and serve as an active resource in the cultural life of the community and the world at large. The Dalí is open every day, located on One Dalí Boulevard, St. Petersburg, Florida 33701. For more information, visit


Stanley Marketplace is located in the northwest Dawn at the border of from Denver Central Park neighborhood. Housed in a former aircraft manufacturing plant, Stanley has transformed the space into the metro area’s leading urban food court, market and small business collective with more than 50 boutiques, restaurants, services and independent stores. For more information, visit or follow Stanley at @StanleyMarketplace on Facebook and Instagram.

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