Grand Egyptian Museum nearing completion: Official

About 99% of the construction of the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) has been completed, according to Atef Moftah, the general supervisor of the GEM project.

He explained that the work on the site is 99% complete, while the shell is 100% complete.

His remarks came during the meeting of the GEM Board of Directors, which is chaired by the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Khaled El-Anany.

The meeting addressed several issues, including the latest executive work of the GEM and the progress of archaeological work in the museum prior to its opening.

Regarding the development of the surrounding area of ​​GEM, Moftah explained that the outdoor works and crops were 98% completed. He said the volume of completion in the surrounding outer roads reached 92%.

He also announced the 100% completion of the concrete and metal structural work of the Khufu Boat Museum and that the necessary finishes for the building are underway.

Moftah also revised the architectural solution to increase vehicle parking capacity to over 2,000 parking spaces instead of the current capacity of 1,300 cars.

Eltayeb Abbas, deputy minister of archaeological affairs at GEM, said 96% of the finishes of the main exhibition halls have been completed and more than 55,500 objects have so far been transferred to the museum.

He adds that 99% of the archaeological work of the entrance hall and the grand staircase has been completed.

Additionally, Abbas mentioned that over 99% of King Tutankhamun’s hall finishes have been completed.

GEM, built over a total area of ​​117 feddan in Giza, is the world’s largest museum dedicated to a civilization, and its opening is eagerly awaited. The museum will display more than 5,000 artefacts from the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, which will be exhibited together for the first time since their discovery.

The museum also features the world’s first hanging obelisk, as well as a grand staircase filled with monumental artifacts.

GEM will preserve the one-of-a-kind Pharaonic heritage by displaying the diversity of Egyptian monuments and artefacts in one place and one place.

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