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“We discover the evolution of animals. How they were and how they became “ by Dunia Rahwan and Giulia Gattolin, with a preface by Sveva Sagramola (Gribaudo, 70 pages, 14.90 euros), is a book full of curiosities. Did you know that birds had teeth a long time ago? And which whales were walking? When they first appeared on Earth, the animals were very different from what we know today: how many adventures they went through and how many transformations they went through! Without these changes, today we would not have the biodiversity on which we can rely and which, however, is increasingly threatened. Protecting it is our duty. Through clear texts and surprising images, this book will make you discover how animals have evolved in history: giraffes, crocodiles, sharks and many others will no longer have any secrets. And, eventually, we will find out where we came from. Preface by Sveva Sagramola. Reading age: 6 years old.

“Farm animal” by George Orwell, illustrated by Quentin Gréban (Rizzoli, 25 euros) is a masterpiece that has become a classic. All animals are the same, but some are more equal than others. After rebelling against the owner and taking over the government of the farm, the animals believe their lives will improve. Soon, however, it happens that the pigs become the bosses, and one of them, Napoleon, the boss of all. One by one, the principles of the Rebellion will thus be forgotten …

“Nicky and Véra” by Peter Sis (Rizzoli, 18 euros) is the story of a discreet hero of the Shoah and the 669 children he saved. It is a story of commitment and courage, a story that cannot leave us indifferent. In December 1938, a young Englishman canceled his vacation in the mountains and left for Prague to help the thousands of refugees fleeing Nazism who had gathered in the city. His name was Nicholas Winton and, working day and night from a hotel room, he collected hundreds of names and photographs of children to be taken to safety, got the money, found families willing to welcome them to England. , organized trips, accompanied by official documents or counterfeit. In the spring and summer of 1939, as the dark shadow of Nazism spread over Europe, Nicholas managed to scare away nearly 700 children, mostly Jews, on eight trains bound for London. . Then when the war broke out and the borders were closed, he put all the papers away and never told anyone about it. Winton’s extraordinary feat was not discovered until fifty years later by his wife and brought to everyone’s attention on a TV show.

“Fairy tales” by Natalie Portman (Sonda, 64 pages, € 16.90) brings together, among the colored pages, three great classics: The hare and the turtle, The three little pigs, The city mouse and the country mouse.


“Escape Room – Can you escape the museum?” “ by Dr Gareth Moore and Beatriz Castro (Gribaudo, € 16.90) is a mysterious story: your footsteps echo in the deserted gallery of ancient Egypt and a shiver runs down your back. There is something very strange about this museum, you better go out right away. But the doors don’t open, they’re locked! You must find a way to escape… before it’s too late! Live the Escape Game experience at home with this interactive book. Puzzles, codes, puzzles, riddles … and many objects to build await you: these are the clues you need to solve the games, access the next museum rooms and find the exit as quickly as possible. Can you solve the mystery and escape the museum? Includes over 30 buildable 3D objects. Reading age: from 9 years old.

“All the flowers that you are – 12 stories for my sister” by Iacopo Melio, with a story by Guido Catalano, illustrated by Agnese Innocente (Rizzoli, 190 pages, 16 euros) with Iacopo Melio, 28, human and civic rights activist. On the eve of an important day, he writes to his sister Costanza. Iacopo di lavoro collects and tells the stories of others, stories of ordinary fragility and extraordinary resilience, stories of sometimes lost or subversive people, of people who ask for answers or simply listen. They are the knights with the stain and the fear, as he likes to call them, and they are the ones who keep going despite everything, who always try, who never stop dreaming and getting involved. So are the twelve protagonists of the stories in this book, illuminated by the colors and poetry of Agnese Innocente and conceived as a walk in the midst of emotions: we, readers, picking with Costanza one flower after another, walking along the paths of several lives. we come home with a handful of beauty to shake, a bigger heart, and the hope that we live in a better world every day. Among the twelve flowers of Costanza, there is one sown by Guido Catalano and one by Barbara, the mother of Iacopo and Costanza.

“Roby in search of the legendary pet” (Fabbri editori, 144 pages, € 15.90) ​​is the story of Roby, who has just arrived in town, but has already made friends at school. He also found a boy, Francy, who is a bit awkward but very, very good. But Roby has a great desire: he would like a Pet, a puppy, everything for him, like his friends. One day finally, thanks to a school competition, he will have the possibility of winning one … but this will only be the beginning of a great adventure, which will lead Roby to face enemies near and far and to discover the special powers that everyone, absolutely everyone, we have. You just need to know how to use it …


“Rutka – The Secret Girl” by Joanna Fabicka, illustrated by Mariusz Andryszczyk (Rizzoli, 226 pages, 16 euros) is a fascinating story of friendship and discovery, where past and present dance together, are the desire to live and the infinite possibilities of this treasure that is childhood. In the courtyard at 13 Rybna Street in Lódz, Zosia is bored to death. But when the strange Aunt Róia comes into her life and quickly settles into her heart, the world around her changes. The walls of the buildings no longer appear to be so chipped, the willow tree in the center of the courtyard is no longer so curved, and among the branches an unfamiliar red braid looms. It’s Rutka, a neighbor Zosia didn’t know she had. With her, magic, madness and surreal adventures follow one another, and the imagination sweeps without limits. But, as they run hand in hand through the city, sad music flows under their feet and a silent tale unfolds before our eyes: the walls, the shadows, the mysterious images evoke the stories of pain of the Jews during the Second World War. There is the White Lord swallowing butterflies, and there is the Radegast station, from where wagons loaded with people leave for the planet Diamond. A world that emerges from the memories of those who survived, but who cannot gain the upper hand.

“The flight of the lark” by Anthony McGowan (Rizzoli, 140 pages, 15 euros) with Nicky and Kenny, who walk in the moor with Tina, their Jack Russel. It was the father who suggested this spring outing, a way to spend a few hours outside and have a little fun. Indeed, in a few days, his mother, who left the house many years ago, will come to visit him, and Kenny, who is a little late, is very tense. The two brothers take the bus, set off for the path, but soon it starts to snow. It was only meant to be a walk, a breeze, and instead they are surprised by a fatal storm.

“Welcome to the Anthropocene” by John Green, the author of “The Fault of the Stars” (Rizzoli, 350 pages, 17 euros), is situated in the current geological era, where the work of man has profoundly rethought and influenced the planet. Starting from the very successful podcast in America, enriched and transformed in this volume also due to the pandemic, John Green reviews, with a rating of 1 to 5 stars, different aspects of our anthropocentric planet: from the QWERTY keyboard to the velociraptor, to passing for the Internet, sports myths and video games, to the Penguins of Madagascar. Artificial products like carbonated drinks, natural species whose habits have been irreparably modified by human action, phenomena which influence humanity like Halley’s comet: the author’s critiques compose a true symphony, in a complex and complex whole. rich in detail. John Green’s talent for storytelling shines brighter than ever and leads us to look at our present and the world around us with different eyes.


“Greece 2013-2020. Newspapers of the second millennium » by Michele Buzzi (Book Sprint editions, 228 pages, € 16.90) brings together seven travel stories set in the Greece of the second millennium, from mass tourism places to the inaccessible monasteries of Mount Athos, from traditional taverns on the beach to more transgressive places of Mykonos, through the sunsets, the wind, the light and the magical colors of the Cyclades and the many islands of the Aegean Sea. An aimless wandering between corners of paradise and economic crisis, modernity and tradition, beach bars and the ancient Acropolis, towns, churches and palaces built over the centuries by the Greek, Roman, Venetian, Genoese, Turkish and Italian conquerors. A long journey to Ithaca, at a time when the world and the culture of the West seem to be coming to an end, a return to the origins, to the places where all that we are and what we have learned began: the art, philosophy, music, physics and metaphysics.

“Nutrition and nutrition of dogs and cats” by Aa. Vv. (Edagricole, 238 pages, 36 euros) illustrates the basics of nutrition and food management for dogs and cats, offering students and professionals, eager to know more about the subject, a simple text, but complete and scientifically precise. In Italy today there are around seven million dogs and as many cats who have now fully acquired the status of members of the families with which they live. In recent decades, the life expectancy of dogs and cats has increased dramatically thanks to the greater sensitivity of their owners, improved veterinary care and a more suitable diet. Nutrition is playing an increasingly important role in maintaining the health and well-being of pets throughout their lives.

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