Erie Art Museum hosts a second event on Sundays filled with family activities

With colder temperatures and increasing cases of COVID-19, one thing families have an opportunity to do is spend time together painting.

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon that left families thinking outside the box for something fun to do.

One place that was one step ahead was the Erie Art Museum which had fun art activities for people to enjoy inside. This event ended up having a decent crowd size.

John Bojarski, 10, came to the Erie Art Museum for art painting activities with his den and family.

“It’s pretty fun. I like it, ”said Erie resident John Bojarski.

Bojarski said painting is not a new hobby for him, in fact he has been holding a brush on paper since he was two years old.

“Watercolors and that can for different things. Like that paint over there, it can form different things, it can dry out and it’s pretty pretty, ”Bojarski said.

The Erie Art Museum offers different opportunities to community members every month, such as printmaking, tissue paper painting, origami, clay making, and more.

“It’s really important to create as much as possible and to visit your local institutions like the Erie Art Museum, the Children’s Museum. Stop and see what they’re doing. Make sure you can look at the art on the walls and sometimes it can be a break to see what local art institutions have, ”said Jamie Keim, graphic designer for Erie Art Museum.

The families said this event gives them more time to get through the painting together.

“It’s so nice to sit down and spend time together doing something fun like this. It’s a Sunday afternoon. It’s really raining right now and then going to turn to snow. So I think this year, especially get together for a few hours, ”said Joelyn Bush, Erie resident.

The families also said they visited the art museum after the painting activity.

The next event similar to this one at the Erie Art Museum will take place on February 13.

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