Dippy the dinosaur returns to the Natural History Museum

Dippy the dinosaur will return to the Natural History Museum in May after recently wrapping up a four-year tour of the UK.

The 26 meter long installation of a cast of Diplodocus was first exhibited at the London Museum in 1905.

It was seen by more than two million people during a national tour.

During Dippy’s UK tour he visited various venues including the Ulster Museum in Belfast (Brian Lawless/PA)

The museum said the visit was a success, with local economies getting a huge boost from the influx of visitors.

To commemorate the visit and the communities linked to Dippy, the recreated installation at London’s Natural History Museum will feature visitors’ thoughts on when they encountered the touring Jurassic giant, including how Dippy brought them to life. inspired to reconnect with their own local natural environments.

Dippy was originally installed at the Natural History Museum after King Edward VII expressed a desire to have his own specimen of Diplodocus during a visit to the home of American industrialist Andrew Carnegie.

Mr. Carnegie had the bones of a specimen found in Wyoming in 1899 and created a cast replica for the king.

Dr Doug Gurr, Director of the Natural History Museum, said: “Dippy has been a treasured part of the collection since 1905 and has inspired countless people to reflect on nature.

“Biodiversity is under threat across the UK and we hope this new installation reflecting what Dippy saw on his tour will encourage people to be excited about the natural world and therefore work to protect it for the benefit of people and of the planet.

Dippy the dinosaur
A 3D printed replica of Dippy’s skull is shown to museum visitors (Natural History Museum/PA)

“Dippy has been on the move a lot over the last century, and not just on the UK tour.

“It was displayed in many different parts of the museum, including the Reptile Gallery, Hintze Hall, and even a brief basement stint to protect the specimen during World War II. This time Dippy will be in our Waterhouse gallery, where he was previously exhibited in the 70s.”

The facility will be free to visit but tickets must be reserved in advance.

Clare Matterson, Executive Director of Engagement at the museum, said, “We look forward to opening the doors to this new facility. We know Dippy has been missed by both visitors and museum staff, so it’s fantastic to see the beloved Diplodocus back for this very special free temporary installation.

Dippy Returns: The Nation’s Favorite Dinosaur will be at the Museum of Natural History from May 27 through December 2022.

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