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CORNING, NY (WETM) – The Corning Museum of Glass and Red Bull have teamed up to create an “out-of-the-box collaboration” with stunt motorcyclist Aaron Colton and his bespoke electric motorcycle to create a “bull in a store. porcelain. “

Red Bull contacted the museum two years ago about the idea and began planning for the construction of the bike and the stunts. Colton, a Red Bull athlete and stunt motorcyclist, created a bespoke fully electric bike for the stunt through the Museum Gallery and Hot Shop.

Here is the video! The full episode of Bike Builds is accessible here. The driving sequence through CMoG starts at 9:33 pm.

“This was one of my more in-depth projects, because if we had to get permission to walk through the glass museum, we had to build from scratch,” said Aaron Colton. “We got the idea, but not the vehicle to do it. It was a bike I didn’t already have, so it was quite rewarding to see it all come together and open doors to transport my sport to exclusive places that weren’t unfathomable before.

* All photographs are courtesy of Red Bull / Brian Nevins.

According to CMOG, Colton visited the museum and planned the bike according to the needs of the project by taking measurements of the area where he would perform the stunts.

“Luck only favors the prepared, and I needed a lot of it if I was to get through the complexities of all these driving areas without big issues,” said Colton. “I underestimated the difficulty of driving an electric motorcycle because it is quite different from a combustion motorcycle. I was trying to use the exact skills I had learned in my sport and do the same on this new bike. I had to turn a new leaf and think about conducting it differently. “

The museum’s Hot Glass Demo team also participated in the stunt video by creating a hand-carved glass red bull as Colton wheelies around them.

“Our team of glassmakers tended to be up for any challenge, and this one was definitely unique,” ​​said Eric meek, Senior Director of Hot Glass Programs. “Thinking about working with molten glass while a stunt motorcyclist performs tricks around you is a tall order, but Jeff Mack and several other members of our team worked skillfully to create a glass red bull for the final footage of the video. The Hot Shop Amphitheater is at the heart of the action at the Museum, and this project shows how the space comes to life with energy and creativity.

Sticker Credit: Red Bull / Brian Nevins

“Corning is a great mix of art, history and science and then the craft itself is being completed right in front of you,” Colton said. “It was amazing. I have visited many different museums over the years, but it has been a once in a lifetime experience and I really enjoyed it. When people think of glass, it is the windows in your home or your car, maybe a vase. But Corning shows so much more, there’s the contemporary art side, which is incredible. There’s the technology and the story that has adapted and evolved the company as a whole. It was really interesting to realize that glass touches just about every facet of technology that we know today.

Visit Red Bull Motorsports Youtube page to watch the full video.


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