Completion of Creek project delayed, detours near Springfield Art Museum will continue until 2022


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Residents of a central Springfield neighborhood will have to wait even longer to get their street back. The city says the Fassnight Creek reconstruction project will not go as planned this fall.

Instead, work will likely continue until spring. This means detours and road closures along Brookside Drive will continue for the time being.

When it’s all over, it will be beautiful. However, the Fassnight Creek stormwater improvement project is currently posing a rather embarrassing situation for some drivers. The work included limiting through traffic along Brookside Drive which runs alongside the waterway.

“It will be a really nice neighborhood, but part of the benefit is flood control,” said Kristen Milam, communications coordinator for the City of Springfield.

One of the first parts of the Springfield Art Museum‘s master plan includes rebuilding the town of Fassnight Creek from scratch. The goal is to restore the stream to its natural state with the addition of trees, trails and bridges. The project will replace the current man-made canal with a meandering stream as it would originally have been.

Milam explained, “We have seen wild animals before. We saw ducks and we saw turtles coming back to the area. And it’s still a construction zone that is only 50% crossed. So this is a good sign. “

Nick Nelson, Director of the Springfield Art Museum, said, “I believe more than anything to be able to have a space that truly embraces the natural beauty of our region, the natural beauty of the Ozarks and welcome the community to enjoy it.”

The ongoing construction was not really easy for the drivers.

“It was a challenge because we did a lot of events, we did a lot of programs, it was a challenge for access and parking. We have to be very careful about how we reinstate the programs, ”Nelson said.

It was to be done this fall. Now that has been postponed until next spring.

Milam said: “The contractor has experienced some delays and this is based on industry standards and things going on in the industry right now with supplier delays and scheduling issues.”

For now, all the museum can do is go with the flow and wait.

“I realize this is a downside. But, in the long run, it will make the museum so much better, ”she said.

Click here for more information about the Fassnight Creek Stormwater Improvement Project.


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