Botticelli, Goya, Greco, Delacroix from the Louvre to the National Gallery


The first periodical exhibition of the new National Gallery brings its collaboration with the Louvre museum and at the same time inaugurates a new room of 2000m² for the public.

When we turn on the phone ourselves and take a selfie, what are we really doing? We claim a share in immortality. Before the advent of technology and the discovery of photography, this piece of immortality could be claimed by the portrait. Bust, miniature, painting, jewelry: the representation of important figures or not, takes on different manifestations throughout history, manifestations which define and are determined by the socio-political and topographical conditions of each period.

The historical investigation of the meaning of the portrait and its social significance is the real stake of the exhibition. “IN SEARCH OF ATHANASIA – THE ART OF PORTRAIT IN THE LOUVROS COLLECTIONS” which will be hosted at the New National Gallery from November 29.

Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes (1746-1828) Portrait of Luis Maria de Sistouy y Martέnez (1788-1842), 2nd Baron of Menglana 1791

This is clearly seen in the sections that structure the report:

Feverish preparations by the gallery’s technical staff to be all ready on November 29

More than 100 works have been selected from the Louvre collections to come to Athens, and to grasp the difficulty of the project we rely on the data presented by the director of the National Gallery Marina Lambraki-Plaka: the insurance value of a single work can exceed 20 million euros. The exhibition is organized, not chronologically, but around the different functions attributed to the portrait over time, to culminate in its fourth and final part concerning the democratization of the portrait. The emphasis was not placed on harmonizing the works, as many times unlike these.

Just before the portraits are placed on the purple walls of the exhibition

The exhibition “IN SEARCH OF ATHANASIA – THE ART OF PORTRAIT IN THE LOUVRE COLLECTIONS” follows the exhibition “Paris / Athens” which was inaugurated at the Louvre museum to commemorate the XNUMX anniversary of the start of the struggle for national independence from Greece.

Basia Baketea

Workshop of François Clouet (d. 1520-1572) Portrait of Hercules-Francis (1554-1584), duc d’Alanson d. 1566-1567
François Boucher (1703-1770) Portrait of Jean Antoinette Le Norman d’Etiol, Marquis de Pompadour, 1750
. Véronèse (Paolo Caliari, dit) (1528-1588) Portrait of a woman, La Belle Nani day Around 1560

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