Best loans with mortgage guarantee

Do you know the loans with mortgage guarantee ? Many companies and banks are already dedicated to offering mortgage guarantee financing. This type of loan allows users to obtain liquidity, pay debts, make reforms, settle foreclosures and any other personal reason, since they have free funds.


What do the Mortgage Guarantee Credits offer?

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Loans with mortgage guarantee in Chile offer financing of up to 40% of the cost of your property, according to its appraisal value. So you can get money in a short time by placing your home under warranty.

What are its advantages?

The advantages of contracting a home equity loan are the following:

  • You can count on the promise of this money in just 24 hours.
  • Studies of your economic profile, appraisals and appraisal are executed much faster.
  • You do not need to change banks.
  • The monthly installments are adjusted to your payment capabilities and you can obtain a maximum term of 20 years to pay.

How to get a home equity loan?

It is very simple. Most of these entities in Chile offer this type of financing have opted for technological resources, so you can start managing the credit through their websites.


What are the best home equity loans?

What are the best home equity loans?

If you are willing to compare between different mortgage loans, you must first know that there are three types.

Mortgage credit with letters of credit

This loan works its financing with a tool called “mortgage letter” issued by the bank. Mortgage bills can be sold on the stock exchange or received by the bank, their change according to market valuation may generate a difference in value and the agreement will define which of the two parties will assume this difference.

Endorsable Mortgage Mutual Credit

This type of credit is carried out through a contract. The deed is sold in the market through an endorsement, allowing the credit holder to deliver the financing to a third party.

Mutual mortgage not endorsable

This loan is financed by the bank with its own resources and is not transferable.

Mortgage Credit Simulator

Find out if the bank will grant your mortgage credit. We compare between more than 50 credits from 15 different banks and, taking into account your personal and work situation, we will show you the mortgage loans that best suit your profile. It is a free simulation without compromise. When it’s ready, we start!

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