Baseball comes to life at the Glazer Children’s Museum

Major League Baseball may be on lockdown, but little leaguers can have some league fun at a new Glazer Children’s Museum exhibit.

“We’re opening Big League Fun,” said Kate White, vice president of marketing and creative at the museum. “It really brings baseball to life for families so kids can really experience what they experience when they watch a Rays game.”

The Tampa Bay Rays may not be on the spring training ground, but fans big and small can get into their own preseason rhythm.

“It’s your first chance to practice and it’s a safe environment,” White said. “Children can take risks here and learn and grow.”

The Rays organization has partnered with the Glazer Children’s Museum for this purpose, exposing fans young and old to the history, science and physics of baseball.

“In this exhibit we have a batting cage, we have a pitcher’s mound, we also have a pitching cage, kids can also run to steal second base,” White explained. “So there are a lot of very physical interactive pieces in this exhibit.”

The exhibition is designed not only to be fun but also educational.

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“This exhibit teaches kids about the math and science behind the game,” White said. “It talks about your stats…so if you step into the batting cage, you can see how you did and start learning about all those numbers.”

Much like Tropicana Field, the exhibit is indoors, so rain or shine, visitors can see, learn, and play baseball.

“There are many ways to interact with a baseball game without actually playing the game,” White observed.

LINK: Learn more about the Big League Fun exhibit and the Glazer Children’s Museum here.

The exhibition will be there until May 15.

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