Andy Warhol’s West arrives at the James Museum


Andy Warhol’s brand new exhibit, Warhol’s West, is set to debut at the James Museum in downtown St. Petersburg in October.

West Warhol explores pop artist Andy Warhol’s fascination with the American West. The exhibit features a wide array of Western imagery and more of Warhol, including his latest big sequel Cowboys and Indians (1986). Famous faces in the series include Geronimo, Annie Oakley, Sitting Bull, and Theodore Roosevelt. These works of art reveal Warhol’s process and some of the less studied aspects of the artist’s career.

For those who haven’t yet explored this vast downtown oasis, let this new exhibit be the invocation. Beyond the towering sculptures and the endless waterfall lies a Western world of wonders.

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Two pop art photos of the moon landing.

Exhibition of Andy Warhol’s unique works at the James Museum

“We are proud to host this exhibition celebrating Andy’s little-known appreciation of the American West,” said Emily Kapes, curator at the James Museum. “With so many different perspectives in his work and the Western experience, we see this exhibition as an opportunity to fully explore Andy Warhol’s affinity for the West, which was well represented in his travels, his art, his movies and fashion. “

West Warhol presents the range of western images produced by Warhol. Selected works examine how Warhol’s Western work fuses the artist’s portrayal of celebrities with his interest in cowboys, American Indians, and Western motifs. His work in the western genre is immediately recognizable, awe-inspiring, daring, inspiring and at times confrontational. This body of work deepens our understanding of how the American West infiltrates the public imagination through contemporary art and popular culture.

A quote from Warhol on the wall, with a 4 panel projection on the wall.

Warhol interprets 19th century history in this collection

Cowboys and Indians juxtaposes images of the mythical West of pop culture with Warhol’s interpretations of 19th century history, all in his signature style. Pop art was hailed in its heyday as uniquely American. Warhol himself has regularly told interviewers that he is as American as they come. And there are few things as uniquely American as the peoples and cultures of the West. Determining Warhol’s intention or social commentary is difficult, if not impossible, as he insisted that the surface was all there was. But his art seems to go further, with nuances and complexities to be discovered. What is clear is Warhol’s ability to find topics that still make sense today, a reminder that the American West and its myths have influenced and inspired people through a turbulent past to a dynamic present. and a shared future.

A photo of the same uncle next to a pop art photo of Andy Warhol on the wall.

West Warhol was curated by the Booth Western Art Museum, Cartersville, GA, and the Cochran Collection, LaGrange, GA and will be on display from October 2, 2021 to January 9, 2022.

bananas hanging on the wall, with a display of neon cacti and enamel pins on a table.

Be sure to visit the extensive souvenir shop at the James Museum when you visit. The shop itself has a myriad of pins, art prints, and art books dedicated to the permanent collection and special exhibits at the museum.

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Inspired by the exhibition? Stop by the James Museum studio for a hands-on art session. Learn more about the process Andy Warhol used to create his colorful pop art prints. Make your own screen printing to take home. Open to all ages.

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