Aldrich Museum updates historic 1971 feminist art exhibit with new generation of female artists


The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art in Connecticut revisits its iconic 1971 feminist art exhibit “26 contemporary women artists“with a new twist. Opening next summer, the museum will engage a new generation of emerging women and non-binary artists from the artists featured in the original exhibit, including Howardena Pindell, Mary Heilmann and Adrian Piper for” “52 artists: a feminist milestone. “

The original exhibition, curated by writer and curator Lucy Lippard, marked one of the first times that a museum has addressed the invisibility of women in institutions and the history of art.

“I accepted this exhibition because I knew there were many women artists whose work was as good or better than what is currently on display, but who, due to the prevailing discriminatory policies of most galleries and museums , can rarely get someone to visit their studios. or take them as seriously as their male counterparts, ”Lippard wrote in the catalog.

Rising stars such as Loïe Hollowell, Leilah Babirye and Tourmaline are among the 26 new additions. All artists live in New York and were born in 1980 or later. In accordance with Lippard’s criteria for the 1971 exhibition, none of them have yet had a solo exhibition in a museum.

Howardena Pindell, Bahia Carnival, Brazil (2017). Photo courtesy of the artist and the Garth Greenan Gallery, New York.

“Our selection reflects the revolutionary advancement of feminist artistic practices over half a century,” said Aldrich curator Amy Smith-Stewart, who curated the exhibition with Alexandra Schwartz and Caitlin Monachino. The curatorial team selected artists who “present a diversity of experiences and a multiplicity of sensibilities united by a 21st century feminist expression that is inclusive, expansive, elastic and free,” she said.

The 1971 exhibition helped establish the field of feminist conservation in American museums. Some of the featured artists, such as Pindell and Piper, received significant institutional attention over the following years; other names are less familiar.

“52 Artists” will highlight the collective cultural impact of artists and the show as a whole, illustrating their impact on the current generation of women and non-binary artists.

Merrill Wagner, <em>Inlet</em> (2010).  Photo courtesy of the artist and David Zwirner, New York.

Merrill Wagner, Entrance (2010). Photo courtesy of the artist and David Zwirner, New York.

All but three of the 26 original artists will return for the new exhibition, either with the same pieces shown in 1971, reconstructions of ephemeral pieces, or with other works from the time, as well as examples of their current practices, showing how they have evolved over the past half century.

This will be the first exhibition to occupy the 8,000 square feet of the Aldrich building.

Erin M. Riley, <em>Webcam 2</em> (2020).  Photo courtesy of the artist and PPOW, New York.

Erin M. Riley, Webcam 2 (2020). Photo courtesy of the artist and PPOW, New York.

Artists selected for “52 Artists”:

Leilah Babirye (born 1985)
Phoebe Berglund (born 1980)
LaKela Brown (born 1982)
Léa Cetera (born in 1983)
Susan Chen (born 1992)
Pamela Council (born 1986)
Lizania Cruz (born 1983)
Amaryllis DeJesus Moleski (born 1985)
Florencia Escudero (born in 1987)
Champs d’Alanna (born in 1990)
Emilie L. Gossiaux (born in 1989)
Ilana Harris-Babou (born in 1991)
Loïe Hollowell (born 1983)
Maryam Hoseini (born 1988)
Hannah Levy (born 1991)
Catalina Ouyang (born 1993)
Anna Park (born 1996)
Erin M. Riley (born 1985)
LJ Roberts (born 1980)
Aya Rodriguez-Izumi (born 1986)
Aliza Shvarts (born 1986)
Astrid Terrazas (born 1996)
Tourmaline (born 1983)
Rachel Eulena Williams (born 1991)
Kiyan Williams (born 1991)
Stella Zhong (born 1993)

Artist of the 1971 exhibition: (* starred artists do not participate in “52 artists”)

Cécile Abish (born in 1926)
Alice Aycock (born 1946)
Cynthia Carlson (born 1942)
Sue Ann Childress * (born 1947)
Glorianna Davenport * (born 1944)
Susan Hall (born 1943)
Mary Heilmann (born 1940)
Audrey Hemenway (1930-2008)
Laurace James (born in 1936)
Mablen Jones (born 1943)
Carol Kinne (1942-2016)
Christine Kozlov (1945-2005)
Brenda Miller (born 1941)
Mary Miss (born 1944)
Dona Nelson (born 1947)
Louise Parks * (born 1944)
Shirley Pettibone (1936-2011)
Howardena Pindell (born 1943)
Adrian Piper (born 1948)
Sylvia Plimack Mangold (born in 1938)
Reeva Potoff (born 1941)
Paula Tavins (1936-2019)
Merrill Wagner (born 1935)
Grace Bakst Wapner (born 1934)
Jackie Winsor (born 1941)
Barbara Zucker (born 1940)

“52 Artists: A Feminist Milestone” will be presented at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, 258 Main Street Ridgefield, Connecticut, from June 4, 2022 to January 8, 2023.

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