About 500 schoolchildren visit Rajasthan Assembly Digital Museum on Children’s Day

Around 500 school children visited the new digital museum at the Rajasthan Assembly premises on Children’s Day on Monday.

The work of the assembly, the administrative system, democracy, and the lives of public officials and political leaders have been depicted through photographs, videos, and other advanced technologies in the museum.

Assembly Secretary Mahaveer Prasad Sharma held dialogues with the children who visited the museum.

The museum, built on an area of ​​approximately 26,000 square feet, presents political narratives of the state through an immersive 3D gallery.

A detailed description of the rights and roles of the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, the Leader of the House and the Leader of the Opposition has also been displayed in this museum built by Jaipur Smart City Ltd.

Assembly Speaker CP Joshi told reporters at a press conference on Friday that schoolchildren would be allowed free entry to the new digital museum for a month. Later, the museum will be open to the public for a nominal fee. Meanwhile, in Gurugram in Haryana, more than 30 children left Children’s Day celebrations at their schools to meet in the Aravali forest of Manger Bani on the Gurugram-Faridabad road and discuss what they should do collectively to claim their right to clean air. At the meeting, the students discussed that in September and October, letters and signatures of over 12,000 students and 900 teachers and over 2.2 million citizens represented by 43 RWAs were submitted to the Prime minister, to the minister of the environment, to the minister of housing and urban affairs. and the Chief Ministers of the four NCR States asking the authorities to reinforce the new draft regional plan of the NCR 2041.

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